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Leadership Highlights February 2014

Leadership Highlights February 2014

Already a month has gone by in this brand new year of 2014. After the leadership took a little holiday break, as you all hopefully did, they started the engine in full mode with (re)new(ed) energy.

To start off the new year the JED Team announced an update of the Terms of Service that will take effect as of today. If you haven’t done so far, you can read the summary or the entire Terms of Service to see how this change applies to you.

New energy for our engine comes from some great community members who have put their names forward and committed themselves to help us move forward in some important areas.

To ensure continuity and to reduce the workload of the Treasurer, OSM appointed Martijn Boomsma in the role of Assistant Treasurer. He will serve in a non-board-member capacity. OSM wishes to thank Martijn for his willingness to contribute in this role.

After a call for nominations for a Trademark Team Manager OSM is grateful to have found Duke Speer to take on this job. With his background and knowledge we’re positive that he can lead the Trademark Team to handle all applications and/or issues in the best possible way.

And a great line up has been announced for the Marketing Team with Jessica Dunbar as Team Lead, Chiara Aliotta as Brand Manager and Parth Lawate as Strategic Marketing Manager. Accompanied by liaisons of all Leadership Teams, Joe Sonne (OSM), Ruth Cheesly (CLT) and David Hurley (PLT) we are confident that this team will raise awareness and promote the Joomla CMS and Framework in both the international Joomla Community as well as in the general Open Source community.

Already their efforts have lead to some fantastic articles. In one article dealing about the best thing about being a community manager, David Hurley added his thoughts along with community managers of other open source projects. Another one highlights 5 of Joomla’s female leaders and has been published in the context of Women in Open Source Week. And that is only part one, so stay tuned, there is more to come!

If you have missed out these calls to contribute to the project, no worries. Here’s a great way to volunteer. The Google Summer of Code project is looking for help on Project Management, Student Mentors and Testers to make this years edition as successful as it was last year.

While we love to look forward, sometimes we just need to use the rear-view mirror and take care of what we left behind. Though Joomla version 1.5 is not officially supported anymore, it is still possible to use it in a secure way, despite of what some hosting companies tell their clients. Just to set the record straight, PLT informs users and hosting companies about the best way to act upon it. Be sure to read the best advice you can get if you’re still running a Joomla 1.5 website, or if you are a hosting company that no longer wishes to support the old version.

Looking forward though isn’t that easy always. An accurate crystal ball for it is not always at hand. In order to raise the bar on security PLT had to take a decision on raising the requirements for the PHP version starting from Joomla 3.3. So if you use Joomla version 3 for your website I highly recommend to read carefully what these changes involves for you.

On the road…

The honour of the first JoomlaDay this year goes to JoomlaDay Gabon.

But I recommend you to take a look at March already, with JoomlaDays in Prague, Denmark, Portugal, Boston and the Netherlands it certainly looks like this will be a great year for events again.

The date you need to save in your calendar for sure will be May 30 – June 1 for another exciting edition of J & Beyond no matter what language you speak!

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