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Let the World Hear Your Voice!

Let the World Hear Your Voice!

Some of the readers out there may know that I have been audio podcasting about Joomla for almost two years now.January 2015 will actually be the two year birthday of the Joomla Beat Podcast, one of the many passions in the Joomla Community that I have been carrying on almost every week. I was proud to hear also that I had inspired someone in the Spanish speaking community to start their own Joomla podcast in Spanish! Something I’m very excited to hear more about and see grow over the next few months.


It takes a lot of time to record and produce a podcast. It seems easy and seems very straight forward, and really it is, but to do it at a professional level with passion, enthusiasm and energy takes a huge amount of effort and planning. To give you an idea of what is required to make one audio podcast episode which runs for about 30 minutes, here is a quick rundown.

  1. Create general show outline and topic
  2. Research Joomla news and topic idea
  3. Is a guest interview required? If so plan the interview and write the question sheet for the interviewee
  4. Schedule in the time for the interview and record the session
  5. Audio edit the interview session
  6. Record intros and outros for the show and any other segments that are required.
  7. Stitch together the entire show with segments and interviews
  8. Edit the audio that has been produced to balance levels and compression
  9. Publish the show online and on other podcast streaming networks
  10. Write the show notes for the podcast
  11. Promote the podcast episode via social media
  12. Email out the podcast episode and show notes

Thats the basic outline of what I do every week and it takes about 9 hours of work to get it all done right. I have to admit I do take shortcuts and skip out on a few things, e.g the show notes might take a little longer sometimes to get out.

Now, I’m not saying all this to put people off, in fact, I’m encouraging a smaller and shorter format of audio podcast that I believe will work well with the Joomla! Community Magazine and will allow more and more people to contribute to Joomla in new and creative ways. Perhaps it will encourage others to start more of their own podcasts about Joomla.

What I propose is a series of small short audio recordings that will be produced alongside articles written for the Joomla! Community Magazine. This will help create more reach for the content of the magazine, create a new medium where the content can be consumed and give contributors a new way of expressing themselves.

The Process

How will it work?

You will have to firstly write a short article that will go along with the audio recording. We can’t just have the audio recording because of accessibility and referencing reasons.

Create your audio recording to go along with the article and submit them both via the Community Magazine for review before the 20th of each month. The earlier the better so that articles can be translated and audio file screened.

Audio recordings should follow the same rules as the article submissions and should not be a form of self promotion or advertising. Think of the community first. What is allowed is a standard intro format and outro format that will introduce yourself and close off the recording appropriately.

This is a suggest format that you should follow.


Hi there everyone, this is Peter Bui, Joomla! Community Leadership Team member and presenter on the Joomla Beat Podcast and this session I’ll be talking about ...


This is Peter Bui, presenting for the Joomla! Community Magazine. For more great audio podcast and articles all about Joomla, please visit magazine.joomla.org.

Once approved, your audio will be submitted to our audio library area and embedded to the article that will accompany the audio recording.


Audio quality is important, but we don’t want it to be a barrier of entry in regards to getting people started as audio presenters. If you have a smartphone or a computer with a good microphone that can record your voice with no background noise then that is a perfect place to start. If you can afford some better audio equipment that I’d recommend looking into a USB dynamic microphone such as a Audio Technica AT2005USB Cardioid Dynamic USB/XLR Microphone. It’s a very nice entry level microphone that can be used directly into your computer and when we’re ready to buy more equipment you can upgrade it and use the XLR outputs easily with a mixer table. If you have more professional equipment then please join in and record some sessions for the Magazine.

Editing Software

I personally use the Adobe editing suite and use Adobe Audition CC. For those who don’t have access to Audition, I recommend Audacity. It is free, works on Windows, Mac and Linux operating systems and is also Open Source just like Joomla.

Submission and Editing Process

Once you have submitted the audio and article to the magazine, the team will listen and look over the submission, and hopefully, approve it for inclusion into the next edition of the Joomla! Community Magazine.

Sounds simple enough? If you have any issues, or questions, please don’t hesitate to ask. There is a lot to do and a lot to learn.

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