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Joomlers on the New Joomla! Volunteers Portal

Joomlers on the New Joomla! Volunteers Portal

Joomla is a very unique Open Source project. Joomla never had a benevolent dictator or a corporate backer. There is no office building and Joomla has no paid staff. Still, Joomla has grown to be one of the most popular CMSs in the world, thanks to volunteers!

While every day many volunteers contribute to make Joomla better, we never gave these people a special name. During my keynote at the Joomla! World Conference in Mexico, I proposed to name people that proudly contribute to the Joomla project "Joomlers", as this was one of the oldest suggestions I could find in the Joomla forums. “I am a Joomler”, like all these #joomlers with their #jselfie’s at the Joomla World Conference! Are you?


Working with a dynamic volunteer-driven community which changes over time isn't without its challenges. Sometimes it is difficult to keep up to date with (or find out) who is involved with which working groups. What working groups are actually out there? What are they working on? How many Joomlers are involved in total? Where are they located? Who is available and interested in helping out or joining a working group? Where is help needed? Who deserves a big "thank you!"? How can I help with my skill-set?

Over the past years it was not easy to provide answers to these question and a clear up-to-date overview was missing. 

The Joomla Volunteers Portal


With this in mind, I'm very excited to share the Joomla Volunteers Portal with you, which was announced at the Joomla! World Conference. This new portal will help the Joomla project to organize our Joomlers and working groups better. It will also help to provide answers on the above and many other questions.

This first version of the Volunteers Portal provides an overview of all Joomlers and working groups. You can browse the working groups and see who is already involved, what are they working on and how to get involved yourself. 

Get involved!

The Volunteers Portal will always be always work in progress. The overview of the working groups, group members and Joomlers is getting better each day but it is not yet complete – a team of volunteers are working on adding new features and fixing bugs.

There are also many other ideas to further improve the portal to make contributing and collaboration more fun, enable better recognition of Joomlers and make it easier to get involved with the Joomla project. On a very regular basis, smaller and bigger updates are rolled out and we need your help with that! Check out the Volunteers Portal Team page if you are interested in this.

And don't forget to create your own Joomler profile on the Volunteers Portal if you are already a Joomler or interested in becoming one! http://volunteers.joomla.org/register

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