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Joomla Day Brasília: Rocking the Capital of Brazil!

Joomla Day Brasília: Rocking the Capital of Brazil!

Short, TED-style presentations and lots of content: this was the format chosen by JUG Joomla Calango for Joomla Day Brasília 2014, which happened on November 21th. It was the 5th Joomla Day organized by the community, in Brasilia and the first one to use this dynamic format.



Choosing Universidade de Brasília (Brasília University) to host this event sought to bring Joomla! into a public, free and high quality facility, which is aligned with the Open Source and Joomla ideals.

Besides, the organizers wanted to involve young people and bring new volunteers to the community. Focus on students can be a good strategy, especially those starting out in technology studies. They are open-minded people, anxious to learn and create things fast - usually without established methods in coding or software preferences, yet.

Presenting a solution like Joomla to students can motivate them in college to develop projects from the beginning that show results, and attract new talent to the community. 
The event was free and a coffee break was served. 




Fernando Molina opened the event by speaking about the challenges at Universidade de Brasília, which currently runs several websites developed in Joomla!. Eliel Cruz presented "My name is Joomla", bringing basic information about the CMS while showing how to do a new installation. "Be more than a simple website builder" was presented by Roberson Pinheiro, who showed some Joomla features, such as component developing. 
Rafael Berlanda, from the Brazilian Ministry of Education, presented succcessful cases in "Follow the Lead", bringing examples Joomla! running the websites of major companies. 
Ana Barcellos shared her experience at the Joomla! World Conference 2014, in Cancun. She highlighted the event's best moments from her perspective and presented her Joomla! Ignite session. Ana also shared how being part of the Joomla! Community can help you develop personal and professional skills that can be usefull in several contexts in your life.
Paulo Ries wrapped up speaking about the history of the Joomla! Calango Community since 2009, including the organization of Joomla! Day Brasil 2010 and featuring the project "Brazilian Government Standard Portal". He highlighted the importance of Joomla! Calango for the country and its challenges nowadays, and how people can get involved, inviting the audience to join in. 

In the end, there was an open discussion about the interests of the community, such as strategy definition for 2015.

The Joomla Challenge

JUG Calango nominated the community of Pernambuco State to organize a regional event in 60 days via Youtube. "It does not need to be a huge event, but something to make the community move on". If successful, Pernambuco's community will offer pizza to Brasilia's community at the next Joomla! Day Brasil. The challenge was promptly accepted! Besides having fun, the goal of this initiative is to promote the regional presence of the Joomla! community and  integration among the Brasilian JUGs.

Check out the video challenge:


Joomla! Calango would like to thank its sponsors, all who helped promoting the event, and everyone who joined us.


Special thanks to Helvecio da Silva for helping reviewing the English version of this article. 




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