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On Track with Joomla!

On Track with Joomla!

Happy but feeling like I'd been hit by a train, as I crawled into bed after the first day of the Joomla World Conference (JWC), I thought, "This is gonna kill me!"

The previous two days had been spent in summit meetings for Open Source Matters and the joint Joomla leadership. So far it all felt productive, meaningful and a lot of fun. But with two more days of the conference to go, and 9 hours of jet lag, I wasn't sure I'd be dancing the locomotion by Saturday.

To my amazement the conference only got better! I think it's interesting to see that the conference survey shows most people felt the conference was just the right length. That survey is a strong statement of the success of the JWC. Bravo, Events Team!

The Joomla magic formula must be a combination of excellent event planners, concerned and thoughtful leaders, motivated and interesting community members, and the limitless range of opportunity that Joomla enables. For five straight days (counting the leadership summits), every minute was unique and worth it. It is extraordinary to think of how that level of energy was sustained over all that time. It was a privilege to be a part of it, to see old friends and make new ones. I loved meeting people I've known online for many months, from all around the world, finally face to face.

Good things happened for the magazine at the JWC. It was a great pleasure to meet the magazine development team's Olivier Nolbert, who came all the way from France. He even got a chance to do some magazine troubleshooting "en direct", when he fixed a navigation problem we had due to an upgrade. Mark W. Bender buttonholed just about everyone he could, recruiting new writers and lining up articles for issues to come. And we are very pleased in this issue to introduce the art work of Helvecio da Silva from Brazil. We call him Elvis, and he is The King! It was also fun to hang out with magazine contributors Jacques Rentzke, Jon Neubauer (who was working hard as a conference organizer!), Javier Gomez, Gabe Wahab, Luke Summerfield and Scott Greenwald. We are a big family, and we keep on growing.

If you'd like to get on board with the magazine and share your writing skills, proofreading, graphics talent, translating ability, or tech skills, please don't be shy - join us!

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