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The Joomla! Spanish speakers are one big family

The Joomla! Spanish speakers are one big family

Spanish speakers, like myself, like to give our opinion and be heard in our own language. We don't let culture or political division prevent us from supporting each other. We seem to quickly accept and embrace individuals into our circle of friends, treating them like a brother or sister almost instantly.

For years now, I've been hearing that the Hispanic community should be more active in our in our proposals, ideas, and voicing our concerns. I think that ultimately we are achieving what we set out to do, and are no longer not just spectators. It is time that we use our skill of making people feel like family and show the world, and the various communities we are part of, that we are present. In this light, we have created a Skype chat room for Spanish speakers.

The Joomla! community has more tools and opportunities than ever for Spanish speakers to be heard, understood and supported. The Skype chat room for Spanish speakers currently has individuals from Latin America, Spain, and the United states. Its nice to interact with Joomla community members in an environment that has the Latin flavor that characterizes us Latinos. In the room we participate in projects, share our view, and have a great time with each other.

No matter where you come from in the world, you will fit in. It's almost as though we are creating a single Spanish-speaking country in the Joomla! world.

Perhaps you've heard of other such initiatives that have not resulted in much, and have probably been discouraged because we haven't been able to agree. However, I can say that since I decided to be part of this Skype family, I have seen sincerity and collaboration, and only we truly contribute to each other's knowledge growth. We also finally agreed on how to get things done! :)

If you want to be part of the Spanish Joomla! Skype chat, just leave your skype username at the comment section of this article. This will allow us to continue gathering us Spanish speakers and bringing the best out of each other!

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