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Mia, Who gave Everything to Everybody

Mia, Who gave Everything to Everybody
Mia Morén (Nee: Steen) (vendelberg) passed away on the 20th of October after a short but intense struggle with cancer.

During the summer Mia felt something wasn’t right, and in the beginning of September the doctors found out it was cancer. She started treatment immediately, but on the 20th of October she passed away.

Mia was always humorous and kind towards other people both on the Joomla! forum as in real life. Mia was very community oriented, passionate about helping others and many people have received her help, a real Joomlarian

Mia was active in the Swedish forums and as a reward for this, Mia became the Joomla member of the month in August 2007. Their reason was that “Mia has been in the Swedish forum from the early days. She has in a devoted and positive way, regularly and consistently given support to all our members, irrespective of if they are new members, so they feel welcome. She has also translated many extensions to Swedish and she has always been there to support our community. I can't remember seeing her ask a single support question for herself. She is one of many true Joomla! heroines we have in our community.”

Mia was active from the first meeting between Swedish Joomla users in Västerås in 2006, a meeting that was the first startup for what later would be Svenska Joomlaföreningen.

Joomla! and the Swedish Joomla! community was a part of her life.

Mia was born in the southern part of Stockholm. She was part of Joomla! pretty much since the beginning and joined the Joomla! Forums on the 20th of August 2005. A few of us had the opportunity to have long chats and telephone conversations with her about life, Joomla! etc.

Mia lived with her husband and their 2 children in the countryside north of Stockholm where horses and Joomla! were a part of her life.

Rest in peace, Mia.
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