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Joomla Social Groups - Have you joined us yet?

You can build nice websites with Joomla - The leading open source Content Management System. But definitely that is not all. You can also contribute to Joomla Social Groups or make friends with active Joomla users on Social Media Sites such as Facebook or Twitter. Here, being helpful and sharing ideas, you might find more fun than you expected before.

Let's see where we can keep connected with this friendly community.

Joomla on the most popular Social Media Platforms

Joomla on Facebook

Joomla on Facebook

Joomla on Facebook is the biggest social media site for Joomla, with 60,000+ fans. For your information, this number increases significantly every day I go to this page.

The reason why Joomla on Facebook attracts such a lot of fans is easy to understand. On this website, you are able to share almost everything about Joomla - thoughts, photos or videos - freely and quickly. Moreover, you can start a Joomla discussion in your own language to ask for help or to get the opinions of the Joomla community.

The Joomla Fan Page is not updated every day but quite often. It has all the hottest news so you can get the latest Joomla situation without spending a lot of time.

Do you know? You can get information about new Joomla extensions right on Joomla Fan Page.

Joomla on Twitter

Joomla on Twitter

In general, technical users love to use Twitter to get short and hot tweets. As far as I can see, Joomla users are no exception.

I guess you know the reason why - From this resource, you can get to know about Joomla updates and Joomla news very fast. Besides, from all over the world, users tweet Joomla events and Joomla usage experience in real time. And @joomla retweets them quite often. So, even though you like Joomla on Facebook, you still should follow Joomla on Twitter to make sure that you don't miss any Joomla events or testimonials. Currently, Joomla on Twitter attracts 27,000+ followers.

Do you know? You can tweet short questions about Joomla here, and normally you will get a response quite quickly.

Joomla on Flickr

Joomla on Flickr

If you wonder where all photos of Joomla events are shared, Joomla group on Flickr is the answer. This is a great resource to show your experiences of the Joomla world. And the 1600+ photos there are a guarantee that registration will be useful for you.

If you become a member of Flickr as 200+ people did, you can upload your Joomla photos and get notifications if new photos are uploaded. Besides sharing images, you can also start a discussion. Although I see that not so many members are interested in conversations here.

Do you know? Top five group tags on Joomla Group on Flickr are joomla, joomladay, opensource, 2009 and Vancouver.

Joomla on Youtube

Joomla on Youtube

Joomla! Official Channel on Youtube is quite popular to Joomla users since its 30+ videos have attracted more than one hundred thousand views. These videos provide you with general overview of the Joomla world with leadership interviews and some hot tutorials about Joomla.

As far as I can see, Joomla newbies cannot utilize this resource very much since the number of useful tutorials there is small.

You can subscribe to Joomla! Official Channel on Youtube as 2,000+ people have. All recent activities from this channel will then appear on your YouTube homepage. Or you can ask to be a friend.

Do you know? There are 4 playlists:

  • Joomla! 1.6 QuickLooks - Helps you discover Joomla 1.6 features.
  • Joomla! 1.6 Tutorials - Helps you learn basics of Joomla 1.6.
  • Joomla! 1.5 Tutorials - Helps you learn basics of Joomla 1.5.
  • Joomla! Leadership - Interviews with Joomla leaders such as Louis Landry or Andrew Eddie about Joomla and future plans for Joomla.

Joomla CMS on LinkedIn

Joomla CMS on LinkedIn

Joining Joomla CMS on LinkedIn is a good idea if you want to find or submit a Joomla-related job, or simply to learn more about the Joomla world. There are 4,000+ members and many active ones so you can find job opportunities and get your questions answered easily. You can also introduce the Joomla!Day from your country or promote nice extensions to other Joomla users. Please be aware that if you want to join this group, your request to join will be pending the manager's review for a time.

Do you know? You can set to receive email notifications about new activities of Joomla CMS on LinkedIn.

Joomla on Google+

Joomla on Google+

Joomla on Google+ is the newest member of Joomla Social Groups. Joomla stuff such as news, articles and videos are shared there. It seems that this group is not more special than Joomla on Facebook and Joomla on Twitter. Just hold on a little bit, let add Joomla on Google+ to your circle if you want to join a friendly Joomla group. Besides useful news, there are warm sharings and fun questions, for example: “If Joomla! was to ever have a mascot, what animal/thing would you want it to be? Octopus, beaver, koala?”

Do you know? This page was created from Nov 8, 2011. However, it has 500+ people in Joomla!’s circles and 700+ people have Joomla in circle so far.

In conclusion

The five resources above are just the most popular ones. Definitely you can connect to Joomla on other Social Media Sites such as Orkut, hi5 and so on.

Which sites have you chosen to connect to Joomla? Have you made a lot of friends or got some useful knowledge there? It would be great if you share your experience with me here.

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