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A Newbie Asks: What Mascot Best Represents Joomla!

In November I asked the question on the Joomla! Google Plus group, “If Joomla! had a mascot, what animal or thing would it be?”

Needless to say, the Joomla! creative juices started flowing and we got a few awesome recommendations. Even one of the community's favorite developers chimed in:

Cyndee Poole - A Globe, because the community is global

Andreas Berger - According to the origin of the name "Joomla", the Swahili word "jumla", I would choose one of the animals native in this region of the world like e.g. the hippo

Matthew Cowan - The honeybadger.

Ítalo da Silveira Marques
- Dolphins in green, blue, yellow and red crossing each other.

Dagan Henderson
- Honey Badger, all the way. (Or perhaps a double rainbow, if that counts as an animal.)

Jérôme Bussière
- Gypaetus barbatus, Parnassius apollo or castor

Joseph D'Arcy
- A leprechaun

lamine Kacimi
- A spider

Andrew Eddie
- A coral reef (the biggest living organism but made up of many parts).

Ariadne Pinheiro
- a chameleon, her enormous capacity to adapt our hands and still maintain their identity as a CMS.

So I began to wonder, what would other Joomla! peeps come up with if we posed the question in the Joomla! mag. This is by no means an official question or survey, just a newbie's desire to virtually play "imagine" with some of the Joomla! folk, kinda like we did as kids. So, if you are interested in playing, here are the few places you can share your ideas and/or illustrations:

While I have been an admirer and user of Joomla! for years now, I’ve only become involved with the community in recent months. The following are some characteristics that I feel both the technology and peeps behind the technology share, and the mascot might reflect:

  • Joomla!-ites rock. They are passionate peeps who care about making a difference in both their local community and the world at large. They have strong opinions and love challenges, and constantly try to improve themselves in the process. I'm also bias and tell people its one of the few groups I've encountered that has both the greatest hearts and the greatest minds - a powerful combination.
  • Joomla! attracts people who are extremely resourceful and practical. They make Macgyver seem boring.
  • Diversity, both in people and technology, is highly appreciated by all community members. As a tricultural person, it's one of the few places I feel 100% comfortable. Most importantly, I've met people from far corners of the world and subcultures that I never thought I would meet.
  • Joomla! the technology is a high quality, artisanal product made out of love. Our developers, however, try to ensure that it is accessible to anyone in the world, regardless of whether they are a techie or not. What this translates to is that anyone can have the best, cutting-edge tools at their disposal for free. Now, thats amazing.
  • The Joomla! community is a TRUE open source community that respects the values that are shared by the best and most cherished projects in the open source/free culture movement. All I have to say is WOW.

We are, in many ways, a bunch of misfits that drive each other crazy at times, but I doubt we would have it any other way. From what I’ve seen, the culture is way too analytical and the peeps are way too smart. :) I see this as a good thing, since true, transparent analysis and debate bring forth the best solutions. I mean, in many ways, it's like being in a virtual New York City — people have no problem saying what they mean — and make amazing things in the process.

I’m sure some people will disagree with some or all of the characteristics I mentioned above, but that’s the beauty - we allow people the space to share their opinions and get involved in whatever area they feel most passionate about. What an amazing experience it is.

So, what mascot do YOU think represents Joomla!? And what characteristics do YOU think it should embody?

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