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Merge Your Passion & Knowledge Over a Slice of Your Favourite Pizza!


The wait is almost over for one of the most anticipated Joomla events of the year! Dive into the upcoming PBF event scheduled for 26th August 2023. Get ready to Test, Fix & Eat!

The wait is almost over for one of the most anticipated Joomla events of the year! Dive into the upcoming PBF event scheduled for 26th August 2023. Get ready to Test, Fix & Eat!

And let's not forget a heartfelt thankyou to our main sponsor, IONOS - a leading provider in web hosting and cloud computing services, for their continued support and sponsorship of this event.

Pizza, Bugs, and... What Exactly?

Pizza, Bugs and Fun (PBF) is a global event where Joomla enthusiasts, designers, and developers unite at diverse locations to enjoy pizza, tackle bugs, and share good times!

The primary activity at a PBF event, besides scoffing Pizza and having fun is testing patches and creating documentation. Numerous pull requests (proposed program changes) await integration into the Joomla code. Before any pull request is incorporated into Joomla, it must be tested at least twice. Other significant roles include crafting Joomla documentation and examining new features.

These events typically coincide with Alpha releases. With Joomla 5 now in its alpha phase, many enhancements and corrections are yet to be tested.

A Glimpse into PBF's History…

If my research is accurate, the inception of Joomla! Bug Squad took place in December 2007. The vision was to foster collaboration between developers and non-developers to refine Joomla. This newly-formed team celebrated its inauguration with the very first Pizza, Bugs, and Fun event, aiming to stabilise the code for Joomla 1.5.

Fast-forward to 2019: as Joomla 4 loomed on the horizon, the year witnessed one of the largest PBF events with approximately 30 global locations. However, due to the challenges posed by COVID-19, PBF20 transitioned to a virtual format. Despite this, over 100 participants from 22 Joomla User Groups across 13 countries participated, including a special appearance from Flo the Cat!

Historically, every location was supplied with pizza. Given the virtual nature of PBF20, Luca Marzo and Giovanni Genovino instead shared a video on crafting authentic Italian pizza at home. https://pizza-bugs-fun.com/en/the-pizza

Though PBF20 deviated from tradition, the results were remarkable: 19 pull requests were merged, 8 new ones were introduced, over 65 PRs underwent testing, and a whopping 1098 edits, including 465 translations were made to JDOCs.

This year, PBF 2023 is set to be a hybrid affair, featuring both in-person and virtual events globally thanks to the video server provided by IONOS.

Open Invitation to All...

PBF warmly invites everyone, regardless of their technical background. Developers, designers, or casual Joomla users, everyone has a role to play. This event is a golden opportunity to contribute to the Joomla Project with three levels of participation:

Explorer: Draft new Joomla documentation or translate existing content for the official manuals (JDocs/Manual).

Adventurer: Serve as a patch tester, examining existing fixes and features, providing feedback, and approving them when functional.

Conqueror: Dive deep into programming, addressing issues and refining code.

Join the Fun…

To participate, you'll require a Mattermost login, a GitHub account, or an official Joomla! Documentation account (for those interested in documentation tasks). No pre-registration is needed for the virtual event. Just hop into the OR-PBF Mattermost Channel on the event day. We'll provide you with a pre-installed Joomla! 5 instances across various global locations. For in-person venues, check out the map on the PBF website.

For more information visit the event website: https://pizza-bugs-fun.com/

We look forward to seeing you there!

And lastly a big thankyou to all the event sponsors…

Main Sponsor

IONOS - is the leading European digitization partner for small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs). IONOS has six million customers and is active in 18 markets in Europe and North America with a globally available platform.

With its web presence & productivity offerings, the company acts as a "one-stop store" for all digitization needs from domains and web hosting to classic website builders and Do-It-Yourself solutions, from e-commerce to online marketing tools. In addition, IONOS offers cloud solutions for companies that want to move to the cloud as their business evolves.


Digital Peak - Digital peak delivers Joomla extensions and custom development since 2007. Helping agencies to implement specific use cases.

Djumla - Web Developers, Designers, Open Source Fans and Web Enthusiasts…

emilQ Daily - Your digital toolset for a systematic execution of DAILY business as well as continuous performance improvement.

SoftForge - London and SE England IT development company providing all you need to build and run your company on the web.

Tassos - Since 2014, Tassos has been dedicated to developing high-quality premium Joomla extensions catering to diverse businesses.

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