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The August Issue


August 2020 marked an important milestone in the Joomla's story.
In fact, on August 17, the Community celebrated the 15th birthday of our beloved CMS and Open Source Project.

Fifteen years of work, commits, pull requests, comments, suggestions, improvements, releases, initiatives and much more.

Joomla is unique in the CMS scenario, not being backed by any financial corporation and being operated only by the passion and the hard-work of its volunteers.
We should be grateful for the long list of people who contributed over the years to Joomla, from its founders who had the courage to fork from Mambo and created this amazing Project and its Community.

The Marketing Team prepared a short video to celebrate the Joomla's Birthday:

Also, some limited series products have been added to the Joomla Shop for the occasion.

This edition of the Joomla Community Magazine features an article about 15 milestones accomplished in 15 years, an interview to Sander and Roland who brought the Joomla! Identity Portal to life.

The developer of J! Extensions Store, Marco Biagioni, told us the progress of making his extensions compatible with Joomla 4.

Anja de Crom interviewed David Jardin, fellow Joomler and lead of the Security Strike Team.

The Joomla Accessibility Team presented some resources and templates to make accessibile Joomla 3.x.

The "legal feature" of the magazine this month hosts an article about the impacts of the invalidation of the US-EU Privacy Shield.

Patrick Jackson started a series of articles to discover the new APIs and Web Services in Joomla 4.

Holger Kremers presented the "Kids Build Websites" initiative held in Germany in April 2020, where 40 children got their hands on Joomla to start building websites.

As usual, the Magazine features the open roles and positions throughout the Project, allowing you to see where there is the need of volunteers and fresh blood.


This release wouldn't have been possible without the work of the Community Magazine Team, all the authors and all the people who allowed us to interview them.

Thanks to all those who participated.

The Call for Authors for the Community Magazine is always open. If you want to write for the Magazine, regularly or just once, drop us a line at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

Contributed to this issue:

Andrea Gentil (Editor), Anja de Crom (Staff Writer), Patrick Jackson (Staff Writer), Sandra Decoux (Creative Director), Donata Kalnenaite (Author), Holgers Kremers (Author), Donato Matturro (Author).

15 milestones in 15 years


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