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How to Translate Joomla and JDocs

How to Translate Joomla and JDocs

Joomla, Best Free CMS, powers over 9% of all known business websites. If you would like to help improve Joomla, join us! 

In this article, I’ll show you how you can help Joomla with translations, with examples from English to Bengali(BD). Joomla is used worldwide, with a global audience, speaking any possible language, it’s why translations are important so that our CMS can be accessible to all.

Today, is Joomla’s 13th Birthday, what about making a gift to Joomla by becoming a volunteer?

We have lots of teams in the Joomla community, you can jump into any team of your choice according to your skills.

Joining the Joomla Family!

So how do you join in? A Joomla contributor is called a Joomler. To become one, you just have to follow these easy steps:

  1. Go to our Joomla Volunteers Portal.
  2. Click on Create an Account.
  3. Fill all details.
  4. Check your email.
  5. Then, you’ll be able to contact any team you’re interested in.
  6. Start contributing in your favourite group.

Start Translating!


If you want Joomla to talk your language, you can help us to make it happen. We are Open Source and Free and open to all. You can join us to translate Joomla in your language. You can visit our official localisation platform, Crowdin.  Join Crowdin, get involved in the project of your choice (it can be to translate the CMS, our official websites, extensions or other areas of the project).  Just log in Crowdin and start translating! And if you’re facing any problems or have questions, just contact one of the project managers listed on the site.


Joomla also provides official documentation to help users and developers, you can also help to translate it for the benefit of your community. To translate the Joomla Documentation, follow these easy steps:

  1. Go to JDocs
  2. Create an account
  3. Check your email inbox and confirm your account
  4. Create your user page.
  5. Go to the Documentation Translator page
  6. Select your language, click on edit in the right of the name of your language
  7. Enter your user name click this * {{User|YourUsername - requested}}, and save
  8. After some time your will get an email from one of the translation admins, confirming your translator permissions
  9. Now you’ll see “Translate this Page” in every page header.
  10. Click on it. Select your Language from the right side and start translating.

How to translate JDocs

I invite you to read the Documentation Translation Quick Start Guide here.

Here’s some examples from English to Bengali (BD)

  1. If you see translation like this: ========This is Title========
    You need to translate it like this: ========এটা শিরোনাম========
    It means you need to keep the "========" before and after.
  2. If you see translation a page title like this: Portal:Beginners
    Just translate the part which is after the ":"
    You don’t need to translate "Portal:" in this example. So Portal:Beginners = নতুন
  3. If you see translation like this: [http://issues.joomla.org trackers]
    You just need to translate the last part "Trackers". Keep the link as it is, and just translate its description, like this: [http://issues.joomla.org ট্যার্ক্যার]
  4. If you see translation like this: [S:MyLanguage/JDOC:Wiki policy|wiki policy]]
    Just Translate the part after "|". Please don’t change any string before "|" or it can break the link.
    Like this: [[S:MyLanguage/JDOC:Wiki policy|wiki policy]] = [[S:MyLanguage/JDOC:Wiki policy|উইকি নীতি]]
  5. Don’t miss breaks, quotes and other markup included in the source.
    Please try to follow them to not break the display in your language. Try to check that you didn’t miss any markup before saving your translation.
    Don’t forget to also check our translator tips page.

At Joomla, we have plenty of other teams where you can help, from tracking bugs to graphic design, there’s something for each of you. Join the one that suits you, talk with the team and start helping. Happy Joomla Contribution and Happy Birthday Joomla!

Be happy, be great, be part of the adventure. Make Joomla accessible to your community!

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