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Joomla Docs Team Leader: Sandra Decoux

Joomla Docs Team Leader: Sandra Decoux

In this issue, Sandra Decoux takes us on a quick tour of the Joomla! Documentation website.  She oversees and contributes to the creation, edition of the documents, as well as their translations into several different languages. If you have a question about Joomla, this is the first place you must go to.

JCM: As the Joomla Documentation Team Leader, how much of Joomla has been covered so far?

Sandra Decoux: We're working to cover as many features as possible, but I'm not able to tell you how much has been covered so far. Now, for each new main feature, we're trying to provide documentation or tutorials to our users. For example, the main new features of Joomla! 3.7 are covered on JDocs. Astrid Günther wrote the tutorials about Custom Fields and the Multilingual Associations Component and she did a really good job. And of course, we have the Help Screens available for the backend. Hopefully, we have Martijn who is updating most of them for the benefits of all Joomla users. 

JCM: What kind of feedback do you get about the great amount of information that is available at the JDocs website?

SD: Most feedbacks are positive. People realised the huge amount of work which has been done in the last years. It's mostly thanks to the amazing work done by Tom Hutchison. And since the JDocs turned multilingual, the amount of non-English visitors have increased dramatically. JDocs is a never ending work, updates are needed all the time. We have 6,000+ pages to maintain. As it's an online collaborative community environment, anyone can get involved, by creating new content/tutorial, updating articles or translating. So if you find a dead link, an incorrect information or want to share your knowledge, just log in and go for it! It's a site for users done by users. We are all the maintainers of JDocs!

JCM: Can you share some quick useful tricks for a beginner who is willing to help to create or translating content?

SD: If one wants to help with the documentation, it's easy!

  1. To create or update content, everything is explained at https://docs.joomla.org/JDOC:How_to_Contribute_to_Joomla!_Documentation 
  2. To localise the documentation, just follow this guide: https://docs.joomla.org/JDOC:Documentation_Translators 

If you have any questions, contact me on Glip or directly on JDocs and I will help with pleasure.

And don't be afraid to do some edits if you see something wrong. REMEMBER: JDocs is YOUR site, it's everybody site.

JCM: How can a person join to contribute?

Contact me or other volunteers through the Volunteers Portal or in Glip (we have 2 rooms), by private messages, from our social media channels and so on. As everybody can join whenever they want, they just have to create an account. So it's really easy to start contributing.

We look forward to having your board!

JCM: For more information on how to contribute, visit: 

Note: The Joomla Documentation Team would like to thank Marc Antoine Thevenet who took care of the JDocs for years in an almost full-time time basis.

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