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GSoC: Improved Multi-lingual Content Management (Update Status)

GSoC: Improved Multi-lingual Content Management (Update Status)

Gladly the project had a big update in these months, so let me show you! Having such a complex project in your hands can be sometimes overwhelming, managing time, defining a certain task as finished, planning further tasks is the hardest part.

How I saw coding before: 

 How I see coding now: 

What has been done

- List view, this task just needs some improvements in UI/UX (User Interface, User Experience)

Nothing selected:

Select item and language:

 Display list of items:



After selecting an item from this list, you’ll be in the side-by-side page.

- Side-by-side, there are still some tasks left to do. The undo association button, select custom reference item (created but not associated to the reference language) and copy button.

Side-by-side default:

After selecting target language:


- Saves the item on the left side

- Saves the item on the right side

- Copies all content from the left to the right (not implemented, yet)

- Goes back to the list view

- Makes the target occupy the whole page for better editing

Hide reference example:


What’s left to do

  • Finish ACL (what the user is allowed/forbidden to do)
  • Finish tasks stated on the side-by-side
  • Cleanup
  • Write documentation
  • Last tweaks

Last remarks

I would like to thank the GSoC Team and my mentors André Pereira da Silva, Jean-Marie Simonet and Nicola Galgano mostly for their patience and help provided during the whole project, this wouldn’t be possible without them :) All updates (issues + code) can be followed here.

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