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A Palette of Awesome Stock Resources

A Palette of Awesome Stock Resources

An image says more than thousand words, they say. Whenever you write an article or a blog item you have felt the desire to have that perfect image to follow your words. Where do you find them, is it ok to use this one? All of us get  this distraction from the actual writing the words, of how to find images to go with them. This article will introduce you to a unique collection of "Awesome Stock Resources". Forget those 10, 20, 50 best free stock resource blog posts. Here you will get the one stop entry for your search of free visuals and sounds.

Creating an article for the popular Joomla! Community Magazine has always been something everyone could do.

For me personally it has been on the future ToDo, since when I was "involved" in a leadership role on the administrative side of thing at the re-launch years back when we accepted how the K2 extension should be credited in order for the then new magazine to be able to re-launch. Years go by and you only realise the need for new authors when you start to think 'Why so few articles in this month issue'.

It was then time for me to take the floor and do this article. You can do it too.

Actually I didn´t want to write about image, visual and sound resources in my entry article. A series of site builder and translator toolbox articles was on my mind.
But when reading up on the Author materials it did dawn on me that those 5 links to image resources for the articles could be extended quite a lot.

Thing is that I do like to contribute to all kind of different web projects. Always enjoyed contributing.

Recently my favorite non-joomla contribution has been for a GitHub curated list named 'Awesome Stock Resources' as the title implies.

splash awesome stock resources welcome image

People who know me, do know that awesome isn´t exactly my cup of tea, but nevertheless, it sure is an awesome collection of image resources for you to use freely in your blogs or articles. Some need crediting others don´t. The sections will explain clearly if you need to credit the image or sound Author. 

So, let us cut to the chase. You need images, you got it!

I could list each and every of the hundreds of resources, but I will leave you with one link only. That link goes to the repository created by Tony Phipps who is curating this unique list of free image, visual and sound resources for you to use. It is at GitHub and you can help build the list if you know other great resources that should make the list.

Let me introduce: Awesome-Stock-Resources - Your one stop list in search for free images for your website and blog. Enjoy.

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