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A Decade of Joomla!

A Decade of Joomla!

The Joomla project is turning 10 in the coming days and weeks. It is the conviction, hard work, love and passion of the Joomla Community that has brought us this far. It is the talent of countless people, some no longer active, and many who are, that has brought us this far. Collaboration is not always smooth sailing. But each one’s contribution makes a difference, and thanks to them today the Joomla CMS is a jewel and an exquisite solution for building websites.

Joomla Has Come a Long Way in 10 Years’ Time!

I remember when it took me an entire day to install Mambo/Joomla on a server, and when updating to a new version meant FTP-ing a patch over all the website files, holding my breath that the site would still be there when the upload was done. Today with one click Joomla does what took so much longer before. Features that used to require adding on extensions and configuring them, are now built into the core. I can make a gorgeous, awesomely functional, complex website in a fraction of the time it used to take.
Since the arrival of Joomla 3, literally every time I open it up to create, update or refine a website, I feel a deep sense of appreciation for all the work that has gone into developing this CMS over the years to make it THIS GOOD. It totally blows me away. I love it, and it makes my life and work better, every day. Seeing how far it has come in 10 years, just makes me love it more, and know that this project is getting a lot of things right.

Moving On

Speaking of contributors who have really made a difference, today the JCM dedicates this issue to Dianne Henning, my Co-Lead Editor on the magazine, who is leaving the project to focus her time on other goals. She has been with the magazine since it began 5 years ago, and never missed a launch. The magazine is beautiful because she cleaned up the article code, insisted on consistent graphics specs and overall set the bar high for excellence and a professionally formatted magazine. She wrote many articles, interviewed Joomlers, and poured her heart and soul into everything she did. Beyond the magazine she gave a warm and approachable face to the Joomla project. Events came alive when she was present as an organizer or attendee. She advocated incessantly for women in Joomla. She made Joomla a better place.
What I will miss most about Dianne on the magazine is her opinion and judgment, especially when we had tough decisions to make. And our long launch Skype sessions in different time zones, often into the wee hours for at least one of us. 
The Joomla project is built on the work and dedication of people like Dianne, and you, and me. We contribute what we can, for as long as we can, and for as long as it is meaningful to us. Joomla is a great and worthwhile endeavor. Thank you Dianne for making it great!
10 Years of Joomla! Birthdays


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