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How to Add Google+ Authorship to Our Joomla! Site

How to Add Google+ Authorship to Our Joomla! Site

The new characteristic of Google’s search results can be used with Joomla, helping us to improve the appearance of our site and to improve our position in Google.

Google, in its untiring search to find the best way to index and categorize its search results, have recently created a new tool, Google Authorship, which links a site to the developer’s profile on the social network Google Plus. Without a doubt, it will further strengthen the power of their social network. Google will “reward” the developers who link their websites with the social network, by improving their ranking (SEO).  With Google Authorship, your Google+ profile photo and other information such as the circles you belong to are shown.


  • Content Authorship: your content will be associated with the developer like a verified author

  • Websites with a verified developer are rated better by Google

  • Your Google+ profile improves with the increase of +1s, likes and shares of your published content

  • Association with other published content

  • Improves your social activity, which will improve your positioning in Google

  • Recognition: it makes you stand out from other developers


How to add Google Authorship to our site in Joomla!

You can do this manually or through a plugin called “SD Content Authorship”, downloadable from JED or here

Steps for installation and configuration:

These steps assume that you already have a Google+ account…

  1. Download, install and set up the plugin (it’s not necessary to start it to set it up, follow these steps instead)


  2. Now go to the component -> contacts and create a new contact with new data


  3. This contact should be connected to a Joomla

  4. Then, in contact details, in the website field, add the URL address of our Google+ profile. This URL follows this pattern:https://plus.google.com/ourprofilenumber


  5. Save and close, and it’s all done! It’s linked to our Google+ profile and will look something like this


  6. Remember to add your URL to your Google+ profile



Original Article: Como agregar autoría de Google+ a nuestro sitio Joomla

Written by: Leo Soto

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