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Quarterly Highlights from Open Source Matters


Get a brief overview of OSM happenings from the current board president. 

This is a brief summary of the 2023 Q1 report from the President of Open Source Matters (OSM). See all past and present board member reports on the OSM website. (Not sure how OSM relates to Joomla? Find out more here.)

All Together Now

The Joomla Community Magazine has always been a valuable resource for anyone interested in Joomla, with a plethora of content that you can lose yourself in. This quarter I want to recognize Joomler Anja de Crom for how much time and effort she puts into the magazine as the team lead.

It’s well-known that if you share something interesting or notable in Mattermost, it won’t be long until Anja asks if you’d like to submit an article about it 😁. Her efforts are worth it - every month we see an interesting and diverse collection of articles from across the community.

Thank you, Anja, for truly embodying the spirit of All Together Now and for being such a positive influence and leader in the community!


This quarter we had elections for three roles: President, Secretary, and Production Department Coordinator.

Robert Deutz handed off the president seat to Crystal Dionysopoulos (yours truly!) on March 23 and Luca Marzo was re-elected as Secretary; unfortunately, no manifestos have yet been submitted for Production Department Coordinator so that election is still ongoing.

Think you would be a good fit to lead Production? Submit your manifesto!

OSM Membership

Did you know that all official Joomla team members are also members of Open Source Matters? That means that members have the right and responsibility to participate in elections and other participatory processes of OSM.

Currently, we have 85 official members. This includes the 7 OSM board members (class 1), another 20 elected team leaders (class 2), and 58 official team members (class 3). These numbers and their processes depend on an accurate and up-to-date volunteer portal listing. If you are a team member or team leader, please check the volunteer portal and make sure your teams and membership are correct! 

Not on a team, but would like to help? Register for the volunteer portal and log in to Mattermost. We'll be happy to help you find a team that needs your unique skills and experience!

Looking ahead to Q2

We know that sometimes it feels like OSM is removed from the day-to-day life of contributing to Joomla. That’s fair; we want to do better. One focus as President in Q1 2023 is adapting our processes to be more collaborative, from reforming a diverse advisory board, to involving the community in decisions that affect all of us, and more. Your thoughts, opinions, visions, and contributions matter.

Also, the board is committed to attending & participating more in events (Joomla and non-Joomla) around the world. This will help raise awareness that Joomla is still an active and engaged community. To kick this off, several board members will be participating in a virtual panel discussion at Joomla Day USA this Saturday, April 22.

What would you like to see from OSM?

Any thoughts on the above, or the rest of the Q1 Report? Comments for the president or the board in general? Comment below to join the conversation. I'm looking forward to your questions and ideas!

Onwards and upwards,


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