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The Top 10 Most Read Articles in 2016

The Top 10 Most Read Articles in 2016

We had a look at our site stats in 2016 and found great articles that are examples of what makes a great magazine. In this issue, we are counting down the Top-10 Joomla! Community Magazine (JCM) 2016 articles that received the most views throughout the past year.

#10. The first article on our top-10 list for 2016 is article by John Hooley. He shares the must-have tools and Joomla extensions for a Joomla focussed business, that he relies on in his consultancy.

5 Must Have Extensions and Tools for Joomla Businesses - by John Hooley

#9. Cliff wrote this article at the start of 2016. In this Joomla-community focused article, he encouraged us to be positive, and to stay positive, and to realise our power to change the commununity for the better.

 Make A Positive Difference In Your Community This Year - by Cliff Pfeifer

#8. Surprise, surprise, a French article made it to the list of the top 10 (non-Spanish) JCM articles. It is about website security that should be a permanent priority for any website owner. Daniel shares 10 tips to secure and protect your Joomla website from intrusions and infections.

10 conseils pour sécuriser et protéger votre site Joomla! - by Daniel Dubois

#7. Another article by Cliff was among the most viewed 2016 JCM articles. In it, Cliff shares SEO tips and tricks on how to avoid duplicate content with a menu item alias.

Avoid Duplicate Content With A Menu Item Alias - by Cliff Pfeifer

#6. And yet another by Cliff Pfeifer where he explored the reasons why people choose Joomla to accomplish website goals and solve real world website challenges. If you are comparing content management or website building tools, or if you have a client that needs more information about why Joomla will be a good fit for them, this article is recommended reading.

Five Reasons To Choose Joomla - by Cliff Pfeifer

#5. This article is aimed at those who are new to Joomla, and in it John looks at some of the most common mistakes newbies make, and how to avoid them.

3 Common Mistakes Joomla Beginners Make - by John Rampton

#4. Ruchiranga was one of the Google Summer of Code 2016 students for Joomla. He tells the story about how the JavaScript testing environment for Joomla was built from scratch.

Just married: Joomla and Jasmine - by Ruchiranga Wickramasinghe

#3. Ufuk originally wrote this article in German (Schneller, sicherer, stabiler - Joomla! und PHP7), and it was translted (by Viktor Vogel) into English. The article looks at the pros and cons of using (then) Joomla 3.5 along with PHP7. 

Faster, Safer, More Stable - Joomla and PHP7 - by Ufuk Avcu

#2. The second-most popular 2016 article caused a bit of a stir, most likely due to its provocative title:

The Fall of Joomla - by John Hooley

The article was caused a big spike in traffic when it was shared on the Joomla Facebook page, with some (without reading the full article) who assumed that the article was just someone being negative about Joomla. John's article is an honest look at Joomla, with a positive conclusion, and caused a good debate.

#1. And finally, on the top of our list, the article that received by far the most views, is:

How to Upgrade Your Website PHP Version - by Parvez Akther

Parvez discussed various options (for Managed or Shared Hosting, VPS or Dedicated Server) to upgrade your website to the latest (secure) version of PHP. Recommend reading for those who has a Joomla website on an unsupported version of PHP.

Feeling inspired?

I hope you have learned something from this top-10 list, and that it has also inspired you to share your knowledge with the Joomla community. If you have done it before, you are always welcome back. Just This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.. We are glad to have you on board.











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