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JUG Round Up April 2017

JUG Round Up April 2017

In March, the JUG Team sent out their first of what will be a monthly newsletter to JUG Organisers. The topic was merely to ask Organisers to come and check their listings on the JUG Directory for accuracy.

We had a number of bounced email addresses and have opened tickets wherever possible to get more listings up to date. Many JUGs updated their listings. Thank you!

Often we have people in the Joomla! Project who want to have a list of all the JUG Organisers and their email addresses. The JUG Team does NOT distribute this information to anyone - no can do. However, with the new monthly newsletter, we can include something you might like the JUG Organisers to know and disseminate in their groups. If you would like to have the JUG Team include information in the monthly newsletter, please email the verbiage and any instructions to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

We hope this will open communication channels between the Joomla! Project, the JUG Team and Organisers for JUGs around the world.

New JUGs approved in the last month:

Joomla! User Group NYC - while not a new JUG, it has entirely new information, website, social media. So check that out if you’re in the area.

Joomla! User Group Richmond

Joomla! User Network Twin Cities

Happenings with existing JUGs:

From Davide Messia

JUG Milano Centro is a new JUG and we are full of energy and ideas, on 27th of April we will have our fourth meeting. Our focuses are:

  • JWC 17
  • Share experiences and involving other JUG in the world via hangout
  • Help the Joomla! project with some PBF.

We are still working on the format but for now we have 30 min of training and we decide the topics voting a poll in our Telegram Group.

From Christophe Avonture

The last meeting of the Belgian JUG Wallonie was held in Brussels, the 11th March and was about security (how hackers can try and sometimes succeed to hack your site), new functionalities of Joomla 3.7, and what's in the pipeline for Joomla 4. The topic about security was given by Jurgen Gaeremyn who is member of the JUG Vlaanderen. That was really nice and make us “double-happy“ because it’s a pleasure to “share” our speaker between the two JUGs in Belgium; French and Dutch speaking ones. Marc Dechèvre (the first French speaking Joomla certified) has showed us J3.7/4 and explained the new functionalities of these versions. We are posting our slides online wherever possible. See our JUG listing for the link to our website. After our meetings, we have a good lunch together as always.

From Arjan Abbink

We are Joomla User Group 's-Hertogenbosch (JUG 073), a Dutch Joomla User Group. Our meetings are held in bar "Cafe Bar Le Duc”, in the wonderful city of Den Bosch in the Netherlands.

In our JUG we like to focus more the technical side of Joomla with presentations on adjusting Joomla with self-build modules and overrides of templates, modules or components. We also try to arouse the interest of the Joomlers attending the meeting with presentations about components helping them to make their website look or function better. Every meeting has a different subject preferably a subject from a member of our JUG.

If you like to come to the JUG073 some day please check out our User Group page on the Joomla Community website. See you at JUG073!!

From Tim Plumber

For our second meeting of the year, the Joomla User Group Sydney took a sneak peak at Joomla 4.0. The new back end interface with menu on the side was of particular interest to our group. In our February meeting we looked at Joomla 3.7, so it was great to see all the new features have already merged in Joomla 4. The Joomla User Group Sydney meet on the second Tuesday of each month at Surry Hills, right next to Central railway station, RSVP via meetup.

From Brian Rønnow

JUG Sorø switch meeting days between Tuesdays and Thursdays every second month. The next meeting will be Thursday, 6 April. The meeting will continue from last month’s topic which was Pagebuilder. This month we will look at the free template Helix 3. At each meeting we have the topic “Ask a Geek” and a case where we help a user to get their website better. We start at 19:00 (07:00 PM) and end at 21:30 (09:30 PM). We try to plan a few months ahead, so the May meeting will be with images and how to optimize them.

Joomla! to attend DaVinci's Faire 2017
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