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A Selfless Effort to Grow Together

A Selfless Effort to Grow Together

Quite a sarcasm it is whenever we hear 'selfless' in this world where being self-less is actually less or rare. We are trained now a days by our elders that 'every person is selfish today, be careful..ssshhhh!'. Does this happen with you all as well ? If yes, then read further to break their heart with the power of our community love and to prove them that it is no more a reality but a mere illusion because We Have Joomla! here :)

Joomla community is a diverse place full of people from all over the world. It took me a little time to indulge in the community and to understand the aim. I am still understanding :) Any community is for and from people and so does Joomla! community. At my first glimpse over its functionality I scratched my head on this whole idea of open source and people working for it. What do these people get by doing so? Do they get paid for this? Or is there any other motto lying underneath? A simple answer would be, we all are volunteers and you all know what that means - a person willing to help and contribute by choice and not by force SELFLESSLY. Happy Volunteers or Joomlers! The whole community is clustered into teams or groups which are obliged to take care of their required department.

People from people, this is how the chain works.

A small tinch for such a scenario would be a simple example: our work. We all work on days and volunteers work at nights too :D to produce applications or enhance Joomla! for better usage by the users. I always believe in change and also feel people are always in a want of change. Afterall, who loves a monotonous life ? And the good part is that Joomla! is able to provide users the change at every step of the year. I see in social media a lot of feeds of Joomla versions, updates and features. Who has made these plan of actions for Joomla? Who is working on such a platform ?

YOU! Surprised? Yes, you are working on it knowingly or unknowingly. Knowingly, the volunteers and relevant teams are working and unknowingly our readers are contributing by giving us their precious time and feedbacks. So, thank you for giving me your precious time by reading this article and feedbacks are most welcome.

Joomla! is only possible because of such selfless efforts of all these people but what they get in return?? What am I getting by writing this article in JCM or by working in Joomla? For me it's pretty simple: happiness and joy of sharing a writer's word and developer's code.

But I will leave you baffled to find out more yourself by indulging yourself in our community that what will you get when you are a part of the community's selfless hands :)

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