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More Bang for Your JCM!

More Bang for Your JCM!

The Joomla Community Magazine exists for the community, and by the community. It’s not called the “Joomla Magazine” for a reason. The JCM was created primarily as a platform for community members to share their stories, tips and knowledge about Joomla. As long as a steady flow of articles comes from the community, the magazine will continue to exist. This has been the case for nearly five years, but lately, submissions have been down. It’s time for the community to rally around the magazine!

It may be that the community needs a little nudge or some encouragement. If you are a regular reader of the magazine, but have never contributed an article, maybe now is the time! Do you have a unique Joomla story to tell? Have you spent time extending Joomla in a way that could be useful to others? Do you like to customize Joomla by writing your own code for things? How do you get Joomla templates to be more beautiful and eye-catching?

These are just a few examples of articles people love to read. If you have these kinds of experiences to share, please contribute an article.

Bear in mind:

  • if you are the developer of an extension, or work for an extension developer or services provider, we cannot accept your article. If we could, we would have a very full issue each month, because we get a lot of those. Many of them are very good and informative, submitted with the best of intentions. But it brings an undeniable commercial aspect to the community magazine that does not align with its mission.
  • your article must have Joomla at its core: generic articles about SEO or how to write a good blog can be found elsewhere on the internet, and are not within the purposes of the JCM.
  • you do not have to be an professional writer to submit an article. In addition, we publish many submissions from writers whose first language is not English. We do ask that you submit the cleanest, best copy possible, in plain text, formatted in the JCM wysiwyg editor.
  • please submit your articles by the 20th of the month for consideration for publication on the 1st of the following month.

Going forward...

Last year at JandBeyond, the decision was made to redesign and migrate the magazine to the most current version of Joomla. This process is well underway, thanks to the JCM migration team’s tech and design expertise. Once the new site is launched, the addition of more language editions, such as the Spanish magazine that exists today, will be facilitated.

The new site is due to go live in July 2015, on the 5th anniversary of the JCM. A lot of magazine energy is going into this endeavor right now.

If submissions remain low in the coming weeks, it’s possible to take the magazine on hiatus until the redesign launch, thus allowing literary batteries to recharge. 

Community, this is YOUR magazine! If you look forward to reading it each month, or have found it interesting and useful in the past, share your stories and expertise about Joomla!

Dianne Henning and Alice Grevet
Joomla Community Magazine Co-Lead Editors

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