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Keeping up with Joomla News

Keeping up with Joomla News

With so much information coming from the various Joomla teams, it can be hard to stay on top of all the latest awesomeness. To make your lives a little easier, the Joomla Magazine Team and the Joomla Extension Directory Team are working together to share more information via existing channels.

Starting this month, a wrap up of the JED Editor's blog will appear as a regular story in the Joomla Magazine.
Then, a listing of all the latest magazine articles will appear as a regular feature in the JED newsletter.

Together, we hope to gather more great Joomla content and make it easier for you to get the information you need!

JED Editor's Blog Wrap Up

6 reasons why Joomla! is the best CMS

Open source is a development model about sharing and innovation. Joomla is based on that philosophy; that’s one of the reasons of its success. In this post you will discover 6 reasons that answer why we think Joomla is the best software to build websites. Read the post...

Create a website in 3 steps

Create a website can be fun and easy when you are using the right tools. If your goal is to build a very basic website and take your first steps into Joomla, this tutorial is for you. Read the post...

Web Design as introduction to UX

Using the Protostar template as an example, this post goes through five aspects of User Experience and how easy it can be to let a design choice get in the way of a good experience for your end users. Read the post...

Como modificar una plantilla HTML/CSS


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