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Leadership Highlights - April 2013

Leadership Highlights - April 2013

It must be that Spring is in the Air! New goals, new plans, new roadmaps, new visions, new events, new leadership members, new processes... And on top of that a brand new developer site!

Although the release of the new version Joomla 3.1.0 is a bit delayed (I bet it will be extraordinarily good), a brand new developer site was launched recently by the Production Leadership Team (PLT). David Hurley and Mark Dexter put a great deal of time and effort into making this a good-looking resource for anyone who is searching for information about building or maintaining software based on Joomla. And there are roadmaps everywhere to look up what the PLT is planning.

But there is much more in the pipeline than dynamic roadmaps, if you read the status update and the first public blog post by David Hurley. His role as a Community Development Manager is new and a learning process that he takes very seriously given the huge list of topics he wants to cover. By the way, there’s an interview with David in this issue of the Magazine.

If you’re still a bit lost after reading the article about the Joomla Framework in the previous magazine, you can sign up for the Framework Development mailing list that uses the new google groups Q & A style. Any questions about using the Framework, improving it or fixing it can be asked on that list.

New and productive...

Introducing Nick Savov was as the new Co-coordinator of the Bug Squad. Together with Mark Dexter they will make sure that 2013 will be the most productive year yet for the Bug Squad. 

Productive is also a keyword for the Community Leadership Team (CLT). They published a list of exciting Goals for 2013. To top it off is the launch of a new Volunteer Portal to make it easier to find out how to contribute to the Joomla community. At the beginning of March, the CLT introduced two new members on their team. We all welcome Ruth Cheesley and Guillermo Bravo on board and are grateful that they have accepted these responsibilities.

To increase productivity for the approval process on the Joomla Extensions Directory (JED), it was decided to drop the requirement for index.html files as of today. It is the #1 error in submitting extensions and slowing down the process, and hasn’t been an effective security measure for a long time. Besides that, Radek Suski has been accepted as the JED liaison for Open Source Matters (OSM) to improve communication on topics regarding Trademark and License issues. A new process for that is worked out between the JED and the Trademark Team, as mentioned in the February meeting minutes of OSM.

In the meantime a significant governance change to the OSM by-laws has been proposed to the community. The Community Oversight Committee voted to dissolve their committee which means that OSM will become a self-governing body and will have the same type of authority other leadership teams have.

The Capital Committee is planning a new Sponsor Site and brought in two Platinum Global Sponsors last month: A2 Hosting and Arvixe Web Hosting signed the contracts and will be supporting the project financially.

A new three year vision statement and as a new step in the one year Overall Project Goals were published in March. These have been defined by the overall project goals and strategy working group, a group that includes members from all the leadership teams. Increased adoption of the CMS and Framework has been set as the three year vision statement. More announcements regarding the formation of working groups to accomplish the overall goals can be expected in future.

And on the road to...

More and more leadership team members are on the road to attend events. Even some new events are spotted and explored by them:

One of them was the CMS Garden at CeBIT in Hannover, Germany, where Joomla took part in together with other CMSs. Radek Suski (OSM) and Peter Martin (CLT) attended the event. A huge thanks goes out to David Jardin and a big group of members of the German Community that helped make the presence of Joomla at this event a successfull marketing and learning experience.

Also, the new event on the block is JoomlaDay Boston. They set the record high for Leadership attendance. The following members were present: Dianne Henning (OSM), Paul Orwig (OSM), Sandra Ordonez, Andrea Tarr (PLT), Michael Babker (PLT), David Hurley (CDM).

Last but certainly not least last month JoomlaDay France took place in Toulouse. Alice Grevet (OSM) Radek Suski (OSM) David Hurley (CDM) joined the French community at their great event.

In April already four JoomlaDay events are scheduled: New England, Algeria, The Netherlands, and Guatamala. All will be visited by Leadership Team members. Check them out at the Joomla Events site.

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