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Joomla! GSoC 2012

Joomla! GSoC 2012

The Joomla project is gearing up to participate in this year’s Google Summer of Code program, and there are a lot of really great ideas that have been developed. The proposals that students have submitted to Joomla this year have been generated from our GSoC Idea List, something that the community helped us generate before we could even submit our GSoC application to Google. We’re very grateful for the community giving us an all-hands-on-deck to get that completed.

Some of the popular proposals of which we’re seeing a lot of interest from students and mentors on this year are:

  • Social Packages
  • Directory Application based on JPlatform
  • API Connection Packages (Google, Facebook Open Graph, and Amazon S3 / Rackspace Cloud)
  • Translation / Language Management

These are really great features that would mean a lot of added power and benefit to both the platform and CMS, and also to the extension-building community. There are many extensions that have had to craft their own interactions with these APIs, getting a little help from libraries included in the core will certainly help to reduce the amount of code needed to connect to the different web services.

With all the exciting things going on here, there’s still plenty of areas for you to jump in! As part of GSoC, we welcome participation and ideas from our fellow community members, to help students navigate through their projects, and encourage creativity in developing these ideas! There are several areas that you can help out, so find one that suits you, and come join us!

Student/Project Mentors and Advisors

As part of their projects that students will be participating in throughout the summer, they will each be assigned to a mentor to help guide their project. They’ll also have access to a pool of advisors - Joomla! experts and programmers willing to devote some time to work with these students, answer their questions, help them navigate the Joomla! CMS and platform, and make their summer a success.If that sounds like something you’d be interested in, either as a mentor or an advisor, contact us at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

GSoC Ideas

The student application deadline (April 6) is fast approaching, but it’s not too late to offer up an idea for a student to work on this summer! With many great ideas already in our GSoC Ideas List, and even more talented, and interested students, there’s always room for another project idea for a student to tackle!

Student Resources

A lot of the students applying for GSoC have either never worked with Joomla! before, or are just getting started with their developer experience. Being able to provide them with resources to quickly get up to speed, developer guides to working with Joomla!, or any other resources that might benefit students as they learn and grow with Joomla! is one of our goals.

With all the exciting projects being planned for students and the Joomla! Project this summer, and the many ways for community members to become involved, we're looking forward to an interesting summer!



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