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Best Ukrainian sites made ​​on Joomla CMS. Part 2

Best Ukrainian sites made ​​on Joomla CMS. Part 2

The Ukrainian Joomla! community presents sites created in the Ukraine on Joomla CMS, Part 2. We will show you the major sites in Ukraine and abroad. Now get ready for a short April trip to the Ukraine!

Public offices of Ukraine

Authority office in Lviv region

Web: www.city-adm.lviv.ua/dozvil/

Developer: Denys Design Studio

Authority office in Lviv region has been receiving the documents required to obtain permits and registration and transfer of relevant executive authorities, issuing permits, providing advice and more.

Chernivtsi Regional State Administration

Web: www.oda.cv.ua

Official site of Chernivtsi Regional State Administration.

Noncommercial organizations

AIESEC in Ukraine

Web: www.aiesec.org.ua

AIESEC - an international youth organization that brings together young people active with 107 countries. Members of the organization - is for students and graduates who each day developing personally and professionally in the way of forming themselves as leaders they want and know how to change the world for the better.

Caritas Ukraine

Web: www.caritas-ua.org

Caritas Ukraine was established in 1994 to coordinate the efforts of charitable organizations run by local Ukrainian Greek-Catholic churches, to give their work international recognition, and to build cooperation with foreign Caritas chaptersКарітас України.  Because of Caritas Ukraine’s efforts, the current network of local charitable organizations has developed and expanded; cooperation with foreign partners also continues to grow.  In 1999 Caritas Ukraine became a full member of Caritas Internationalis and Caritas Europe.


Musician Kotra

Web: www.kotra.org.ua

Developer: Kvitnu

Official site of Kotra, producer and musician experimental electronic music.

Central Museum Tavrida

Web: tavrida.museum.crimea.ua

Crimean Republic institution "Central Museum Tavrida" - one of the largest scientific and educational institutions in Crimea, which has been collecting, storing and studying the historical and cultural heritage and natural resources of the Crimea.


HERZ Ukraine

Web: http://www.herz-armaturen.com.ua

Ukrainian version of the site international company HERZ Armaturen GmbH, founded in 1896 in Vienna, which manufactures valves.

The E.O. Paton Electric Welding Institute of the National Academy of Sciences of Ukraine

Web: www.paton.kiev.ua

The E.O.Paton Electric Welding Institute (PEWI) is a multidisciplinary research institute which realizes fundamental and applied research works, develops technologies, materials, equipment and control systems, rational welded structures and weldments, methods and equipment for diagnostics and non-destructive quality control according to the following directions:

Nadra Group. Integrated Services in Oil & Gas Exploration & Production

Web: www.nadragroup.com

Developer: Altima

NADRA Group – a company providing a wide range of services and solutions in exploration and development of oil-and-gas fields and unconventional resources of hydrocarbon raw materials.  NADRA Group`s companies provide a full complex of services, from the geological evaluation of prospective areas and exploration of oil-and-gas fields – to the management of their development, designing and construction of production facilities, optimisation and stimulation of the recovery from producing wells as well as information support and consulting.


Basketball club "Odessa"

Web: www.bcodessa.ua

Professional basketball club "Odessa" was founded in 1992. Club is four times champions of Ukraine. In 2010/2011 BC "Odessa" took 11th place in the Super League championship.

Football club "Energia"

Web: www.energia.lviv.ua

Developer: lvivport

Football club "Energia" Champion of Ukraine 2006/2007 Cup Winner Ukraine 2011.

Football club "Kryvbas"

Web: www.fckryvbas.com.ua

Official site football club "Kryvbas." Club founded in 1959 in Odessa. In stock "Kryvbas" played such famous performers as Yaremchenko Valery, Valentin Troyanovskyy, Vladimir Ustymchyk, Vasily smoothly, Vitaly Dimitrenko, Oleg Chumak, Alexander Sopko, Alexander Scherbakov, Vladimir Lozinski, M. Kudrytskyy, Victor Kopyl, Alexander whiskered, Andriy Polunin, Valery Vorobyov, Olympic champions Alexei Cherednik and Eugene Yarovenko and other famous masters.


Daily newspaper "Blick"

Web: www.blik.ua

On-line edition and daily newspaper "Blick" tells about the life of politicians, celebrities show business, privacy, etc.

Visti Pridniprov'ya

Web: www.visti.dp.ua

The regional newspaper "Visti Pridniprov'ya" - printed and on-line publication with the latest news Dnipropetrovsk region and Dnipropetrovsk.

Fast food


Web: www.shvydko.ua

Developer: Denys Design Studio

Chain restaurants, fast food "Svydko" is located in Kiev.


Sumy State University

Web: www.sumdu.edu.ua

In Sumy State University student more than 19 thousand people in various forms of education educational levels. Are educated about 1000 foreign students from nearly 60 countries. The University is a signatory of the Bologna Great Charter of Universities, a member of the International Association of Universities, European University Association, Eurasian Association of Universities, the World Health Organization.



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