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Get Open

Get Open

Perspective is a strange thing, probably best experienced less metaphorically, when drawing still life. The slightest head movement can change how an object looks - it's the same object in the same position, only our perception changes.

In the same way that no two people can occupy the same space to look at that object - we, even when standing shoulder to shoulder, see things differently. We have different life experiences, we're from different cities, regions, countries and we express ourselves differently to make matters more complicated.

But whatever our perspective, as part of this community we have one objective, to create and distribute free and open source software - together.

Our varying perspectives can make it difficult to collaborate at times, but more importantly the collective experiences and knowledge that make up those perspectives are a catalyst for ingenuity that produces innovation.

I’ll make a leaping assumption that, for most developers involved in open source, it’s absurdly satisfying to create without strings attached, only hoping that someone will find our work worthy of use or even improvement. It’s obvious from where I stand, anyone willing to put time into improving work you started, sees potential in that work.

Sure, sometimes, I sit back and wonder if we're all crazy, spending our time to create something and then giving it away or improving something without any return on our invested time, I’d guess we all ask ourselves at times, “why do I do this?”. But the benefits are valuable: faster development, exponentially increased knowledge, an ability to learn from others who may have different areas of expertise that compliment yours, respect, recognition and even camaraderie.

So today, I won't ask you to join an official team again, maybe you haven't found one that suits you, but I encourage you to get open - share your perspective and gain some - collaborate:

  1. Get forked1: Create a template, a plugin, something and put it out in the wild for other developer's to extend, fix bugs.
  2. Fork2 ‘em: Search for a project you’re interested in, fork it, extend or improve it and offer it back up3.
Github is a great place to start (and you'll get the added bonus of learning to use Git if you don't already know how): [1] Create a repo, [2] Fork a repo, [3] Send a Pull Request


or just kick back and read an article...

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