Sunday, 11 September 2016 00:22

Speaking Up at JWC

The call for Speakers for the 2016 Joomla World Conference has been extended until September 15th. If you’ve been trying to decide if you want to present and thought you’d missed the deadline, you’ve still got time to get on board!
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Sunday, 11 September 2016 11:28

GSoC: Browser Automated Tests for Joomla! CMS

The success of GSoC16 of joomla project opened a lot of doors for me. Here I am presenting my work with Automated Testing as BDD - Gherkin, codeception how we’ve written the test of scenarios to our project and how we helped Joomla! it through the project.
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Sunday, 11 September 2016 11:04

GSoC: Helping out Yash Part-III

At the start of the project my proposal was to add the previous 1.x feature of Joomla of creating a menu item directly from the component view in the newer versions of Joomla. During starting weeks me and my mentors discussed what approach to take to add such functionality. The decision was to make it between using helper function or using Plugins. In my proposal I had suggested to use the plugin method using various trigger event. So it was decided to first add the functionality for only article view(On-the-fly) version, after that the functionality can be made generic using plugin. So basically the method that I proposed at starting was used to achieve the final goals.
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Google Summer of Code 2016 came to an end. This article will give you a quick look at what really happened during the 3 months period and the results myself as well as our JavaScript testing team reaped out of it.
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Sunday, 11 September 2016 04:03

GSoC: The last one. Shareable Draft Content

The coding period has ended but has the project reached its destination? let's find out
Published in 2016 September
Google Summer of Code is now over. Amazing three months I worked with the amazing team of Joomla. Learnt a lot and had much fun. My project was “Recording Actions Logs, Accessible by Super Admin” which I wish would be a good addition to the Joomla project.
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These are times of change. The Joomla Community Magazine is moving forward. And to accomplish that, we needed to know the thoughts of the people who are part of this great community. In June we released the JCM Survey 2016. We got great feedback and some surprises. And now is the time to share these thoughts with everyone.
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Sunday, 11 September 2016 07:18

JoomlaDay Bangalore, yeah we did it!

Almost a year ago, Bangalore was striking social media channels with JWC 2015 hashtag and here it was back again. This time it was JoomlaDay Bangalore, India #jd16in. Yes, it finally happened with the initiative of the Joomla User Group Bangalore. 
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Sunday, 11 September 2016 06:21

JoomlaDay Comes To Denver October 1st 2016

The first JoomlaDay Denver is October 1st 2016, featuring a remarkable mix of speakers, workshops and Joomla! resources. Our program covers everything from website design & development, UX, internet marketing and of course Joomla! We hope you can join us for an unforgettable day of learning and networking in the Mile High city.
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Hello, Community! You must be aware the Joomla Community Magazine is going through changes. For starters, this is the first issue published after the upgrade to version 3.6.x. And there is a lot more to come! For starters, we want to hear the voice of the Community to guide us in our next steps.
Published in 2016 August
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