Thursday, 29 November 2018 06:15

The Data Processor Role

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Six months ago, the European General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) came into effect. For the world - or at least businesses -  life didn’t end on the 25.05.18, neither have we seen massive amounts of fines given to small and medium-sized companies after that date. We are still more or less in the implementation phase of the regulation, learning to look at personal data processing in a new way. As webmasters or site administrators we also may have received a new role, even if we didn’t ask for it: the role of a data processor. This article is part of GDPR overview: Decrypting the regulation in series.
So you want to play with Custom Fields but you want more ? Like more Types of Custom Fields (to display Maps, Galleries, Download buttons, ...) ? Or like extensions which have integrated Custom Fields making them more flexible ? Or even like extensions especially designed to make Custom Fields easier to use ? Well hopefully you will be happy because I have tried to gather them all... and if I missed one please just tell me and I'll be happy to update the list ;)
Sunday, 11 November 2018 11:53

Case Study: CELESC intranet in Brazil

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Concessionária de Distribuição de Energia Elétrica do Estado de Santa Catarina - CELESC - is an electric concessionary in the South of Brazil. During Joomla Day Brazil 2018 I had the pleasure to meet João Batista P. da Silva aka jbfloripa. Currently, he is at the IT department and is in charge of both the company's website as well as its intranet.
Friday, 09 November 2018 05:09

A modern Joomla: The reality, by numbers

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In the second instance of this series of articles about Joomla modernization, I am going to put in perspective how the web world is changing under our eyes, while we create websites and publish content. For this purpose, no better way that numbers and stats about our business.
Wednesday, 07 November 2018 12:42

Custom Fields - special issue 1 - list of resources

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After 3 Episodes published in the previous editions of the Joomla Community Magazine, hopefuly you can't wait to know more about Custom Fields. Therefore we are working on the next Episodes of course, but it is now time to share with you our own list of resources. For example, did you know that Custom Fields were on the agenda of not less than 14 JoomlaDays / Conferences ? Click on the links below and you will know everything !
In this 3rd episode about Custom Fields: (1) we will first cover in detail all the possible parameters (2) then we will give an overview of some new exciting features which will ship with Joomla 3.9 (3) and finally, we will end up with an example of site making an interesting use of Custom Fields
Monday, 15 October 2018 06:16

The First JoomlaCamp Chicago

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The first JoomlaCamp Chicago was held on September 22, at DePaul University's Loop Campus. With a wide range of questions and answers covered, participants left feeling excited to put their expanded Joomla! knowledge to use on their own sites.  
As we look forward to the passing of another year, the ever-changing web industry offers new challenges and problems for web developers. Technology is quickly moving forward with every decade our overall rate of progress doubling, and no signs of slowing down. The rise of AI and with Elon Musk's Neuralink company ready to implant devices, these giant leaps in technology make it unclear of what the internet will be in just the next decade. For now, there are several things you can do to make sure your Joomla business is vital the current market.
Monday, 15 October 2018 23:16

We Invite You to Write for JCM

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The Joomla Community Magazine has always been supported by individuals who wanted to share their knowledge about the platform. This is an invitation to become part of the JCM Team and write about you know to help you others. Come join us!
Monday, 15 October 2018 08:15

Joomla on the move in the USA

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The Joomla Capital team kicked off its winter USA conference schedule with two back to back conference/expo appearances in both Orlando, Florida and Houston, Texas. The Captial team started attending US conferences just three years ago at Hostingcon 2016 and have been using these events to showcase the platform and gain sponsorship for the project.
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