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Please don't gamble with your Joomla web-site security and never, I mean never, ever, ever, ever use dictionary words for Joomla Super User passwords! Always remember that the internet is full of malicious robots, most often set up by bad people to scan and harvest Joomla and Wordpress administrator passwords and they can do it faster than you can say "Brian Teeman" or "Nick Robertson".
Published in 2014 November
Many Joomla sites were impacted by the recent Penguin 3.0 update that Google put out a few weeks ago. In this article you will find tips and tricks to help your site recover as well as steps to prepare your website in the future.
Published in 2014 November
When you sit down at a local coffee shop or free public Wi-Fi hotspot, log into one of your favorite sites, and begin surfing the web, you might as well be handing out business cards with your login IDs and passwords to everyone around you. That’s because sites that don’t have HTTPS encryption provide no protection for the end user. Instead, they leave you vulnerable and exposed. Is that a place you want to put your site’s visitors?    
Published in 2014 October
Being part of J and Beyond, has given me the pleasure of seeing old friends again, but also the opportunity to see that particular companies continue to be at the forefront. It is great to see that from the strong foundation that those companies made years ago due to their sponsorship, worldwide Joomla events have been able to take place, as well as other activities that the rest of the community need.
Published in 2014 July
What are some of the thought-leaders in content strategy saying this year? If they are right, what might this imply for Joomla?
Published in 2014 May
Saturday, 01 March 2014 00:00

RTL Administrator Template, and More!

What do you think about the administrator panel of Joomla! 3.x? The opinions are split. I for one got some serious negative feedback from my clients not wanting to upgrade, saying that the panel is not user friendly. Some of them said they were used to the old panel and it's hard for them to make the learning curve once again. Add to that the fact that most templates are not designed for RTL (right-to-left) languages, and in an RTL country like Israel, you are stuck. 
Published in 2014 March
Joomla 1.5 is not supported by the Joomla project for quite some time now. You still can continue to use Joomla 1.5, but (security) updates will no longer be released. Furthermore, both Joomla 2 and Joomla 3 have many new features and improvements. Perhaps you recognize it: once you use Joomla 2 or Joomla 3, managing a Joomla 1.5 website really feels old-fashioned and you notice how greatly Joomla actually improved.
Published in 2014 March
This article is written as a continuation of those published in this magazine in November 2013 and January 2014. It is highly recommended to read these articles before venturing into the pleasant adventure of knowing what this article is going to be about. Why… What are we going to talk about in the next lines? We will discuss the process which Joomla generates to show information in my browser when you click anywhere.    
Published in 2014 March
Saturday, 01 February 2014 00:00

Some Tips for SEO in Joomla 3.0

Everyday there are countless websites set up on the Internet and thousands of websites built with Joomla. So if you are not actively implement the ads for your website on the search engines, it’ll gradually be forgotten. Joomla Users certainly are very interested in Joomla SEO. Beside the basic support functions Joomla SEO Setting, there are too many different choices so that you can feel overwhelming.  
Published in 2014 February
Nobody wants to have their website get hacked. And yet almost everyone has some reason to ignore security measures. This article talks about "hackers", however "crackers" would be a better name. Hacking is the ingenious use of tools (e.g. software) for purposes that differ from normal use. Cracking is the unauthorized entry of a website to do things that are not allowed by the owner. Because cracking is often referred to as "hacking", I’ll reluctantly use the word “hack” in this article.
Published in 2013 December
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