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About Leadership Connections

The Leadership connections topic provides a platform for members of each of the primary Joomla! leadership teams (Open Source Matters, the Production Leadership Team, and the Community Leadership Team) to have a regular ongoing dialog with the community. This topic…

About the Developer's Workbench

The Developer's Workbench will focus on the concerns of Joomla! developers.

About Website Case Study

Website Case Studies should offer the reader a more in depth look at how a website is created. Not just code, but more importantly, the problem, solution and story on how they got there. Some of the points we look…

About Feature Stories

About Feature Stories
Feature Stories will spotlight a broad scope of articles covering Joomla! in action around the world. Interviews will profile leaders in the community, innovators and champions of the web. Articles covering trends, developments, events and much more will inspire and…

About Team EaSE - Joomla! Extensions and Services Evaluation Team

About Team EaSE - Joomla! Extensions and Services Evaluation Team
Whenever Amy Stephen contacts you saying 'Would you be interested...' you know that something very exciting is being planned. This is what happened to us way back in February 2010. 'Yes!' was the no-brain answer and there hasn't been a…
Tagged under: Extensions and Services Evaluations

About Did you know...?

About Did you know...?
When I first volunteered for magazine duty, I was instructed to report for duty directly to Sergeant Orwig. I was told that 'papa Paul' runs a very tight ship and he never takes off his cap. I really didn't know…

About Joomla! Events & Joomla! User Groups

Joomla! User Group meetings does not only help you gain more knowledge but also bring you closer to other Joomla! users. Users connect with other users for many reasons – professional and otherwise. Whatever that reason may be, networking will…

About Joomla! in the Press/Media

About Joomla! in the Press/Media
Every month, the Joomla! in the Press/Media section brings you a wide collection of links to articles covering Joomla! in the news. Links with short descriptions provide an overview of breaking news. We invite link submissions for articles in any…

About On the lighter side...

The On the lighter side... JCM topic is here to make you laugh and smile about Joomla! and related subjects. In each issue, the JCM will publish cartoons submitted by community members. If you would like to contribute a cartoon to this…

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About the Joomla! Community Magazine

About the Joomla! Community Magazine
Welcome to the Joomla! Community Magazine. In each monthly issue you will find stories that will educate, inform, challenge, and inspire you. And because we encourage community members to submit articles to the JCM, we also hope you will think about…

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