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Community Choice Extensions – November 2012

Written by | Thursday, 01 November 2012 01:00 | Published in 2012 November
This month, the JCM and the JED have teamed up to bring something new to the Joomla community! It is called the "Community Choice Extensions" and it needs your input! 

The recently revamped JED team has decided that the JED Editors picks needed a little va-va-va-voom. So, they approached the JCM editors and asked if we would be interested in choosing the top five "Community Choice" extensions each month. 

The JCM agreed and here's what we came up with:

  • The top choices will be listed on the JED as the Community Choice Extensions
  • This will spotlight some lesser known extensions
  • This will also be a fixed feature in the JCM

Here's how it works:

Please submit your all-time, numero uno, favorite Joomla Extension. Tell us why you love it, give us a short explanation of what it does to enhance your website, and the URL of where you are using it (if possible).

The JCM editorial team (aka, The White Padded Room Skype chat members) will select three Extensions each month and they will be featured on the JED as well as listed in an article in the JCM. 

No awards, no accolades... just the appreciation of the Joomla community for sharing and caring!

Please use the form below to submit your favorite extension. 

Deadline for December reviews: November 20, 2012

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Dianne Henning

Dianne Henning

Joomla enthusiast and web developer, Co-Lead Editor of the Joomla Commuity Magazine, former OSM Board Member, and Joomla event organizer. Say hello if you see me at a Joomla event! 

Glad to see the JED team getting ready to feature some great extensions that deserve some appreciation.
Any half-experienced Joomla developer will what are the "number one" extensions around so this is not going to bring anything new.

I suggest to change this to "what is the most UNDER-RATED extension" you use? The one which is not in the JED top ten but you can't live without?".

DISCLAIMER: we produce Joomla extensions ourselves but this is not about self promotion. It's about the fact that we have 10000 extensions but less than hundred of them are really known by the majority of Joomla users.
Great way to raise awareness of the best extensions.
Please make randomly featured extensions in every category listing page (not the category overview pages, they are not well visited).

That would help a lot more instead of selecting 3 out of 10000 every month.
I've never been able to leave a message on an extension within this website because it keeps saying I'm not logged in when I am logged in. I always make sure I'm logged in but when you hit the review button it doesn't seem very user friendly in saying that you can leave a message now. It just says you need to be logged in message. It's very frustrating as I would love to help support the developer of the extension but I can't.
Hi Elaine - I think it's because you have a email address. We've got an issue with our comments at the moment and that TLD. We hope to have it fixed soon. In the meantime, if you have another email address (gmail, for example), that should work with no problem. Thank you!
Joomla in itself excellent system and besides promptly developed, ma use of last experience with each new release all it are more best. Especially becoming considerably with application of jQuery.

I recommends for protection and safety of sites develop on Joomla. Variants of protection simple or expand and many other things allowed to choose a component.
We used about a year, doing not bring never, accurately fixed ip of the address attack which we blacklisted.
ACL Manager
Having ACL compoentes all in one place is amazing, I just love ACL Manager.

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