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Helpful E-mail Marketing Components for Joomla! Powered Websites

Written by | Sunday, 01 May 2011 00:00 | Published in 2011 May
What do you think about an E-mail Marketing component written just for Joomla! powered websites? If you own a Joomla! based website and you want to carry out E-mail Marketing Campaigns to boost your site’s image, components integrating E-mail Marketing services with Joomla! are highly recommended.
Joomla! loves email marketing! Joomla! loves email marketing!

The integration between Joomla! and E-mail Marketing services allows Joomla! owners to conveniently manage a number of subscriptions, registration of readers or customers. In addition, Joomla! owners can quickly create, send and track numerous E-mail Newsletters, RSS Feeds, Auto-responders and Surveys.

There are many E-mail Marketing services supporting Joomla! in the market. Each of them has certain advantages over others. In this article, I'd like to recommend you some reliable E-mail Marketing companies that provide Joomla! integration support. Besides, you will find the provided links useful for your first steps to integrate those E-mail Marketing services into your Joomla! sites.

E-mail Marketing service providers

Campaign Monitor

The E-mail Marketing service Campaign Monitor integrated with Joomla! provides a component named Joomailer Campaign Monitor (JoomailerCM)

The beta version of JoomailerCM supports these following features, which I think actually handy for Joomla! users:

General Features:

  • Manage subscribers by adding or deleting names easily
  • Create lists of new subscribers or already existing lists without logging into Campaign Monitor.
  • Synchronize subscribers from your Joomla! site to Campaign Monitor and vice verse.
  • Flag unsubscribed readers automatically
  • Get access to reports from Campaign Monitor via Joomla! lightbox without logging into Campaign Monitor,
  • Work with the Joomla! core manager, Community Builder and ACL tools.

Price: $30 (including the current version of Joomailer CM, frees upgrade of its beta phase and three-month support)

Download Joomailer CM

Set up Joomailer Campaign Monitor in Joomla! site


The component integrated between Joomla! and MailChimp is known as Joomailer Chimp. Although Joomailer cooperates with two E-mail Marketing services – Campaign Monitor and MailChimp, the two components are different.

Here is the comparison between Joomailer Campaign Monitor and Joomailer Chimp. I think it’s helpful for you to have some ideas distinguishing these two components.

The best thing I find in Joomailer Chimp is that you can use it for FREE with as many features as those of Joomailer CM.

General Features

  • Send E-mail to segments of your main list
  • Create User Profiles
  • Share and Like on Facebook
  • Support rebranding solution
  • Integrate with Virtuemart, Jomsocial and Community Builder
  • Provide Free Entry-level hosted solution

Getting started with Joomailer Chimp requires you to create a MailChimp account and set up MailChimp in its interface with API keys and Info items.

Price: Free

Download Joomailer Chimp.

Set up Joomailer Mailchimp in Joomla! site


iContact is one of the most well-known E-mail Marketing providers in the world. That’s why JoomlaShack partnered with iContact. And J!Contact is the result of this partnership.

J!Contact is a FREE and un-encoded Joomla extension which can be downloaded only in JoomlaShack’s site.

General Features

  • Check Spam Mails
  • Handle Bounce-back
  • Support WYSIWYG Newsletter Editor
  • Assure CAN-SPAM Compliance
  • Track  Open and Click-through
  • Manage Subscriptions
  • Segment Lists
  • Provide Advanced Analytics

JoomlaShack has a detailed tutorial showing how to set up J!Contact in your Joomla! site that is easy to follow. You can do it on your own quickly with some simple steps.

Price: Free

Download J!Contact

Set up J!Contact in Joomla! based site


Jomlink is a Joomla! 1.5 component that integrates your Joomla! powered website with Aweber – another cool E-mail Marketing software for Joomla! users or online marketers

Jomlink allows you to connect your Aweber account to your Joomla! site. Once installing Jomlink into your Joomla! based website, your registered viewers in your website will appear in your Aweber mailing directory.

Jomlink 3.1 is the latest version which was released on August 23rd 2010. It has received good reviews from users since then.

General Features

  • Work with Community Builder extended fields
  • Work with Jomsocial extended fields
  • Get additional information like the user ID
  • Add a sign-up form websites
  • Capture subscriptions without people leaving the page
  • Work properly with “account activation” enabled

Installing Jomlink is effortless yet configuring it takes you a bit more time. It is required that you read the instructions carefully in order not to miss any step.

Price: $47 (for a one-time charge)

Donwload Jomlink 3.1

Set up Jomlink in your Joomla! powered website


The above suggested E-mail Marketing services are considered top-notch in the market, which have been used by many Joomla! owners thanks to their Joomla! supported feature. Should you want to build a website for your company or your own, Joomla! is the best choice. If you want to spread your image to the rest of the world, don’t forget E-mail marketing. And when you think of E-mail Marketing, remember there are lots of E-mail Marketing services supporting Joomla!, my suggestions are four of which. And they are the best ones, as far as I’m concerned.

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What about ACY Mailing?
And let's not forget about Constant Contact Integration with Community Builder. This handy CB plugin allows users to manage their lists and signup to the site owners lists during registration!
Visit: [url=][/url] for more information.
glad to know the things ,actually i was searching for such programs from where i can mail and manage newsleter.

The idea of this article is review Joomla extensions that have the function of integration with one of mentioned email marketing service providers. Unfortunately, ACY Mailing doesn't have this feature.

Thanks for adding Constant Contact CB Integration. This is what we need in this article.

@Pracas Upreti
I'll take into account your opinion for further articles.
Jerker Frodell Monday, 23 May 2011
I am one of those who chosed AcyMailing. What are these "email marketing service providers" providing that AcyMailing is missing? A few examples would be educating for someone like me, with weak medium-skills..
Thank you for the interesting article.
There is another nifty free MailChimp extension called allChimpRegister which allows people to create a simple subscription form through a module.
Thanks for contribution!
Cô muốn nói chuyện với Tuấn, e mail cho cô nhé
cô Lan Chi
Hi Anh

This is a question, not a comment, so hope I'm not offending anybody...

Could you give me some basic advice?
I'm very new to Joomla! and email marketing and currently have two separate sources of contact data: one is through my Joomla! website, built by a friend, where visitors can register. The other is mailchimp, where I've just used their forever free plan to upload a separate distribution list, gathered at a conference, to send out my first email. I guess there's a third as well, which is from direct email contacts.

Ideally, I want a single master database of contacts, from which I can generate regular newsletters.

Please could you advise how best to go about this? I'm aware that I probably need to dedicate some time to finding my way around my Joomla! website, to take full advantage of what's already there, and would like to focus this effort on getting this email marketing operating effectively.

Hi Sue,

Thanks you for reading this article.

In your case I'd recommend you to install Joomailer Chimp. The extension is compatible with both Joomla 1.5.x and 1.6.x. I personally tested it on live site.

This extension allows you to gather the list from your existing website and integrate it to the list of your Mailchimp account. In that way you combine the list of contacts from both sources and use it for newsletter or email marketing campaign.

Please note, in order to connect an extension and your joomla site you have to get API key. This key is obtained from Mailchimp account.

Hope it helps
Very informative thank you, Anh Tuan Bui! Also I would like suggest Benchmark Email as a solid email marketing service.
there a lot of free services now like free email list providing emails for free
Great article Tuan, I have a question can you please advise?

I have around 3000 + growing registered users into my Joomla site and now i would like to convert them to mailing list because i need to send them 3-5 newsletters /month. I want this but in min cost. I also have setup google apps for my domain that means google will not allow me to send 3k mails at a time. So in this case what way should i choose to go ahead with minimum cost really very lower cost.

I would like to have your suggestions which really can help me to achieve this and i am sure this will also useful to many other Joomla lovers who are new to newsletters.

I also suggest Benchmark Email Signup module. This is a great module to integrate Joomla and Benchmark Email. You can check it here:

Very useful extension!
Email marketing software has also gone mobile to allow users to send out emails from any location. Most providers now offer mobile apps for their customers.
Awesome template for email marketing. i want to purchase this template.