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Post your haikus for June

Written by | Wednesday, 01 June 2011 00:00 | Published in 2011 June
Here is an easy and fun way for you to share your feelings about Joomla! with the rest of the community: Simply write a haiku about Joomla! below in the comments area of this month's page. Be sure to check back here to read the haikus submitted by other members of the community. We will have a page for new haikus in every upcoming JCM issue.

Haiku is a form of Japanese poetry. One of the more common English language forms of Haiku consists of a total of up to seventeen syllables in three lines, in a pattern of five, seven, and five syllables. Here is a haiku example:

a contribution
may be either large or small
which is a haiku?

Haiku can be simple or deep, funny or serious, lighthearted or thought provoking. So if you are up to the challenge, take a little time to put your thoughts about Joomla! into the form of a haiku, and share it with the rest of the community by writing your haiku in the comments area of this page below!

This month's haiku theme: Collaboration

You are encouraged to submit a haiku about anything that relates to your feelings about Joomla!. However, if you would like a little help for inspiration, this month's Joomla! haiku theme is collaboration.

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Paul Orwig

Paul Orwig

Paul is a freelance web solutions provider based in Parker, Colorado, USA. He is the President of the board of directors for Open Source Matters, a former member of the Joomla! Community Leadership Team, a former Webmaster for the Joomla! community portal, and he was the founding Lead Editor for the Joomla! Community Magazine.

if ($youDoNotKnow)
$joomla = 'no other';
defined('TEAM') or die;
Joy to Join, Journey
in June, Just jump on Board and
Collaborate too!
working together
makes open source powerful
and also more fun
knobs, gears, bells, levers
and hope for who we can be
turn toil into reward
Many Joomla! doors
Closed and nailed shut to new
Get JomSocial
Food for your community
Let it grow and soar

Joomla! you are kind
Because of you my web host
Retains most his hair
Go use Joomla
En inglés o en Español
It's chévere