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Good Resources for Joomla! Beginners

Written by | Monday, 31 January 2011 16:00 | Published in 2011 February
This article helps you, especially Joomla! beginners, get started with Joomla! CMS systematically by providing you with good sources of Joomla! tutorials. The selected websites have proven their reliability to many Joomla! users, and to me, for a long time. All sources are thoroughly designed with detailed instructions in both text and videos format so that readers have the best understanding of these tutorials.
Joomla! tutorials Joomla! tutorials

Certainly, starting with something new is not an easy task, you should be careful to choose what source is most reliable and suitable for you then. A lot of people might get desperate to read a lengthy Joomla! tutorial from some professional without knowing the basic foundation of the CMS. That sucks!

Therefore, these Joomla! tutorial sources will guide you from the very basic installation task to more complex configuration and customization issues of Joomla! CMS. It worked for me. It certainly will work for you too.

Here we go!

Joomla! Documentation

[Joomla! Documentation]

This is the “Absolute Beginner’s Guide to Joomla!” created by the Joomla! team. Should you be a newbie, this source will be a good choice for you to get started with the basic concepts of Joomla! CMS such as “What is Joomla!” or “Installing Joomla!”.

The handy thing is that you do not need to Google around for articles; the website already provides you with simple articles to begin with. Just follow the links and you will know where you are going to.

Security matter which has become a great concern of Joomla! users is also included in this website. The Security Check List consisting of essential guidelines for securing your websites is supposed to be one of your most valuable sources that you shouldn't miss.

This second part “Selected Advanced Beginner and Intermediate Topics” is geared to more advanced Joomla! learners. Mentioned in this part are technological issues related to Back-end configuration, which requires you certain knowledge about coding in general and Joomla! in particular. Therefore, be sure that you master the beginner’s level first before moving on with this part.

Joomla! Tutorials

[Joomla! Tutorials]

Whether you are a newbie or a Joomla! developer, this site is made for you.

The first impressive thing that I find in this website is its specifically organized contents for Joomla! tutorials, which makes it easy for users to search for their needed contents. If you want to know more about Joomla! Menus, you can find directly the “Joomla! Menus” section, along with its tutorials right on the “Joomla! Tutorials” Menu of the site.

The thing I love best is that all of the tutorials are created under video format. For lazy readers, this is heaven. I am a lazy reader too, and I find these videos so lovely. We just simply watch and follow the steps. Especially, you can find videos for Joomla!1.6 here in Joomla! Tutorials though I just strongly recommend these videos for Joomla! developers. Take your time!

Also, Joomla! Tutorials provides Joomla! Training classes all over the world. These classes are intended for Joomla! beginner and intermediate levels with reasonable fees and excellent support. Notice that they have a list of upcoming class locations on the web page. If you are living in or near the places, consider enrolling for the most suitable class you think would suit you.

Another cool thing is the Joomla! Resources. Though you might not pay much attention to it at first, these resources are really helpful for beginners. They compile a lot of useful external sources including Joomla! official sites or Joomla! must-have Extensions and other Joomla! tutorials. Take a look at it and you will find it helpful.

Build a Joomla! website

[Build a Joomla! website]

Totally high-quality videos and well-structured tutorials heated me up during this cold winter time. Joomla! beginners should give it a shot right now. It’s not because I am a video addict to say that, but really, nowhere else can you find such excellent-quality FREE videos but this website.

Moreover, all of the tutorials are systematically organized from the easiest to the hardest ones. This is considered as a full course for Joomla! beginners. I think this source is ideal for beginners as you know where you are going from the beginning till the end. Just remember to register before you go on with the videos.

Besides, ‘Build a Joomla! Website’ has three plans upcoming. The first one is to develop an Advanced Joomla! course, which helps upgrade your website to the next level. The second one is a J!club where you can learn how to use Extensions, membership and blog sites.  Third is free Joomla hosting coming very soon from Hostt.

You should also connect with Build a Joomla! Website on Facebook by clicking the “like” button below, subscribe to them on YouTube and follow them on Twitter to be updated about their latest free video tutorials. Social media is making everything simpler, isn’t it?

The Art of Joomla!!

[The Art of Joomla!]

The owner of this site is Andrew Eddie, a long-standing co-founder of the Joomla! project. It is promising that you can learn lots of Joomla! experience from him.

For Joomla! beginners, I think you should do well with my above sources before jumping to this site because ‘The Art of Joomla!’ is made mainly for developers. You are required to know something about coding to be able to fully comprehend the tutorials. Anyway, I believe that developers are addicted to this site thanks to its tons of useful, well-structured tutorials and extensions.

In the Joomla! Developer Reference, there are a great number of useful things you can gain from. The website starts with the easiest lessons about Joomla! development like introduction about Joomla! coding styles, Joomla! security focused mindset and Joomla! Framework. It continues with more complicated tutorials; for example, how to build and deploy Joomla! Extensions, how to design and deploy Joomla! Plugins and so on. If you are a beginner developer, this source is for you.

In addition, ‘The Art of Joomla!’ provides many practical extensions with in-depth documentation for you to configure the products. You can also learn a lot about Joomla! through these extension configuration tutorials. Especially, these products are made under GPL license so it’s your turn to develop them the way you like.

The bottom line is that there are a number of Joomla! tutorials provided by Joomla! providers around the world. Also, some bloggers write a lot about Joomla! tutorials. You can easily find them on the internet, though I am not encouraging beginners. Above are some resources I think most suitable for Joomla! beginners to get started with something very basic. Importantly, you can develop your skills through my suggested websites yet you will have a lot more choices when you have finished up the first level. Good luck!

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Thank you for your article and your review of our Build a Joomla Website tutorials. Just to clarify, the J! Club idea was abandoned and instead all that extra content is currently being produced and will be released as part of the Advanced course.
Great article, thanks. Joomla! users may also like to know that we have a bunch of (all) free video tutorials at our old web design company site:

These tutorials for Joomla! 1.0 and 1.5 were produced about halfway through the 1.5 release cycle, so while they aren't up fully up to date, most of the information should be pretty much the same for new Joomla! users.
Will look forward to your advanced lessons.

Thanks for your input. Are you going to create tutorials related to Joomla 1.6?

I believe that here is the hot demand on tutorials stuff about Joomla 1.6 CMS.
You forgot to mention the demo site.

We help people get started everyday.
Joomla! Tutorials is the only one that addresses 1.6, which is what I'm trying to learn to use. I realize it's early, yet, but I'm trying to get a head start.

I'm starting with joomla, so my first contact with it is the new version 1.6, and until now I could not find much documentation about this version, and of course tutorials to start building websites...

Any recommendation? thanks!
You can start learning Joomla 1.6 with The Joomla! 1.6 Beginner's Guide from Hagen Graf.

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