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Brandon Boswell

Brandon Boswell

A marketer turned developer, Brandon is also an avid entrepreneur. A Lean Startup Machine Winner and with a MBA from VCU, Brandon is also owner of Brandon Boswell Photography. He is an Adobe Prerelease Tester and Two-time Photoshop World Guru Award Finalist. Now Senior Developer at, he is building an online marketplace for freelance journalist to sell their stories to news organizations in real-time.

Saturday, 01 December 2012 00:00

The Conference Crasher

So, let me start by saying I wasn’t a Joomla Guy. I was a web application guy that was used to using frameworks like Codeigniter and Ruby on Rails. I met the guys at who were building a really exciting service for freelance journalists. I asked them what they were writing it in and they said “Joomla.” My first reaction was, “Really?”

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