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Published in 2013 December
Have you harnessed the power of controversy to gain more traffic to your Joomla site? If not, you're not alone. There are, however, two kinds of controversial writers: those who write controversial articles, and those who write controversial articles and promote the 'fight'. In this post we'll go into which is best for your Joomla site and how to promote healthy controversy that will bring troves and troves of traffic to your Joomla site.
Published in 2013 August
Most websites have a newsletter option, which allows the owner of that site to collect emails from visitors and stay in contact down the road. For a lot of us, this is an "everyone else does, so I do too" practice. But if we're collecting emails with no clear goal, we're going to end up with a list of contacts and a big question. What now?
Published in 2013 August
Monday, 01 July 2013 00:00

Joomla Industry Scenario in Brazil

Rogério Costa (@matofino) created and carried out an initial exploratory research with approximately 30 specific questions about the use of Joomla. The issues covered important points, and among them we can mention: technical questions, learning, information exchange in the community, type of clients and services, prices, etc. The research was conducted in January and February of 2012, and involved the participation of 170 users in 21 states of Brazil. With the results we have the first map about the Joomla industry which can be analyzed from several aspects.
Published in 2013 July
We've all been faced with our fair share of 404 error pages. Now think back to those experiences, do you remember how you reacted?
Published in 2013 July
Which exactly is the best social medium for business promos? Of course, it is a million dollar question and everyone acquainted to social networks will obviously seek an answer for this. There is quite a lot of chaos out there in the space over deciding the best ever social platform to enhance business needs; and, the answers vary from person-to-person.   
Published in 2013 July
Saturday, 01 June 2013 00:00

How to Create a Socially Friendly Website

Social media is no longer just an option for companies looking to penetrate a tech savvy or youthful audience, it has become an irreplaceable tool utilized to market brands and ideas of every size, industry, and purpose. With this cultural shift towards accepting social media as an integral part of everyday life, and oftentimes everyday marketing, businesses are sometimes left wondering how to build a necessary bridge between their brand, website, and social presence. The process of creating what I'll refer to as a "socially friendly" website should not be considered a possibility to be explored, but instead must be understood as essential to a site's success in modern day marketing practices. In this article, I'd like to share a few tips which will lead every site you create (whether it's for your own business or a client) toward being socially engaging and positioned for success.
Published in 2013 June
Blogging has many uses, the obvious to create great educational resources for people to consume. But if used correctly, you can blog in a way that can be used for lead generation. I’m not talking about the stage that attracts the visitor to your blog. No, I’m talking about the part that helps convert into a lead. It is an undeniably great tool due to the fact that you can potentially attract and convert a lead in one blog post. In order to avoid you thinking I’m crazy, I will provide you with some great tips for nurturing leads with your blog.  
Published in 2013 June
Have you attempted to start a blog on your website with little to no success? Well you're not alone, many of the business owners and marketers I have talked to have the "Build it and they will come" mentality towards their blogs. The fact is that there is much more work to be done than simply writing the blog and posting it online. In today's JCM whiteboard we will take a look at what additional activities you can do to ensure you're maximizing your blog's ROI and successfully building it over time.
Published in 2013 May
Your website is finally finished! You have added great content, cool images, the whole nine-yards. Now that your site has been done for a while, you've been doing data analysis for your site and realize people don't seem too interested in downloading your content. Most likely this isn't due to the content on your site, because you have been getting heavy traffic on your blog. Have you ever thought that there could be something wrong with your call to action?
Published in 2013 April
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